Feb. 23rd, 2010

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Are the Peeps REALLY Napoleonic-French Communist Nazis in space? With leader Rob S Pierre and the SS?



Wedding planning goes well. We have secured a hotel in San Diego, near the trolley stop there, with (relatively) inexpensive rooms that will extend through Comic Con.

What does not go well is:

a) My mother has consistently refused to provide me with a name of People I Must Invite Or It Will Bring Shame Upon My Family.

b) I'm still boggling over my sister becoming engaged to my niece's husband's brother after losing her job and watching her rat bastard ex-husband get engaged to an 18 year old. STAY CLASSY, FAMILY.

c) I am also getting no help at all wrt the Sofreh Aghd and I do not, in fact, have MORE THAN 1 happily married female relative to hold the cloth over my head, much less another one to grind sugar. I also do not think that my mother will be busting out her sofreh for me to use.

d) My oldest sister and my favorite nephew moved, changed their phone numbers, and have not contacted us in a year.

e) It is stupid and small and petty of me, but I'm kind of miffed that my family did not throw me an engagement party like they are doing for my sister. whatevs.


SC2 is awesome. That is really all that I had.


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