Mar. 12th, 2010


Mar. 12th, 2010 12:15 pm
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so, I've been watching the tablet...fights? debates? trollbait? with enthusiasm since apple announced the ipad and I understand a lot of the reasons people will not be buying one: lack of flash, though honestly, I don't care except for hulu, and I don't watch hulu enough to make that a dealbreaker; closed ecosystem; whatever. But the one that BOGGLES MY MIND is "there's no camera, so I can't do video calls"

REALLY DUDES? Because you know what I see people doing all the time? VIDEO CALLS. Really? That's the dealbreaker? A lack of front facing camera for video calls?

I have a front facing camera on my macbook pro and I use it like once every 4 months to make sure i've put my makeup on correctly.

Now, the back camera I can understand for augmented reality type things, except again, I've never once seen anyone using that.

The Courier looks interesting, or it would if it was anything other than a render. The NotionInk Adam looks very interesting and hopefully it will be out by the time I want a gadget of this nature so I can properly compare. The HP Slate looks sluggish wrt touch capability. The Joojoo looks awesome but reported battery life is kind of crap and the company looks iffy.

I want this to read books, comic books, let me take notes, watch occasional video, and surf the internet from bed. Also it seems like it would be an AWESOME Comic Con accessory. Especially is someone makes an app for it the way someone made an app for SXSW to be all, "I'm sitting here, where are you sitting?"

Anyway. Haters gotta hate, I guess.

In other news, I now own another copy of Superman Returns because I WORE OUT my first copy (and boy, is the news that the Dark Knight writers are going to write the next Superman movie making me really sad, 'cause seriously, seriously, a Superman story is a very different creature from a Batman story. Also the rumor that Singer and Routh are rumored to be out for the next movie. Oh, also, what kind of moron does not cast Ryan McPartlin as Captain flipping America? Blargh. Comic book movies, sometimes you make me sad)

I also got a copy of Warbirds. Because it's tough to beat the awesomeness of a WWII all girl bomber squadron vs GIANT DINOSAURS. A++++ entertainment.


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