Apr. 1st, 2010

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i think i have almost talked the boything into getting an ipad (mostly I think this because I let him buy a computer and he's stopped protesting every time I make the obvious, 'THIS WOULD BE AWESOME ON AN IPAD :D? :D?" statement)


we just got Sherlock Holmes on bluray, and it came with a dvd copy and a digital copy in addition to the real version.


baen publishing.

I keep thinking of the bluray disc thing and the movies I have on it, which almost all came with a digital copy of the movie. And I keep wanting books to do the same thing. I buy a LOT of books. I want an e-reader because I'd like to be able to take one device with me instead of four books at any given time. I want to own my books instead of licensing them. And while I understand there's an infrastructure argument to be made and I'm all for publishers making money and authors making money and everyone making money off the deal, I would really really like to be able to go to a store, buy a book, and then be able to download a legit electronic copy of that book for use on an e-reader. and I have to admit to being a little sad that this doesn't already happen (Baen does it with some of their hardcovers and I think it's AWESOME).

so, you know. just putting it out there for the universe.

also, stephen fry is adorable in his enthusiasm.

ETA: also, how long before someone puts out a cover for the thing that says DON'T PANIC?


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