Apr. 14th, 2010

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Due to a lot of very good luck, I get to buy a new toy! and I have settled on the ipad*. So, NATURALLY, this means that I get to go through the bluray collection and try to find the ones that have digital copies that I can download and then pop on that bad boy. So far:


But no love from Iron Man. That was also one in which we were saddened by the lack of commentary. :(

I also managed to duplicate about 80% of my comfort books in some kind of digital format**. Plus I tore through Project Gutenberg to find books like the Oz series which I've wanted forever and the Austen novels and some other stuff.

I'm very excited. The boything got a new computer (for SC2 and D3 when they come out) and I get my shiny. Now I just need to find some way to skin the thing to look like a PADD and I'll be all set. Though failing that, I may just stencil DON'T PANIC on the cover and be done with it.

*I know all the arguments as to why I shouldn't get one, but when it comes right down to it, I don't mind the closed Apple ecosystem, I don't mind not being able to tinker with parts, and I do want to support a company that I think is one of the best there is at coming up with form factors that are elegant, simple to use, polished, and which don't break on me constantly. And I know that I should wait for gen2, but gen1 does what I currently would like for the form factor to do and fills a niche that I have been wanting to fill since the Kindle and Sony Reader were launched but which do more than unitask.

**I'm all for paying for things to support their producers. However, I draw the line at having to pay for an extra copy of something I have already paid for. Also, if I can't find something to buy it, OH WELL.
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the least interesting parts of this show are the ones that involve shue and finn. I like to call those parts the "going to the restroom OR kitchen OR making cookies parts."

Also, when I was in marching band, if someone acted the way Finn did and clearly couldn't commit to sparkle motion the activity, his ass would have been kicked out. So it keeps irking me that he doesn't get kicked out when everyone else -- including Puck, Brittany, Santana, Matt, and Mike -- made the commitment. And the guys made that commitment with the understanding (however temporary) that they would be off the football team if they did. ANYWAY.

How awesome is Rachel, you guys? And Santana&Brittany. And Jane Lynch.

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things I have learned today!

--How to fold a fitted sheet. OMG. I haaaate folding bedding because I hate dealing with the fitted sheet and normally i just sort of shove them into the back of the linen closet. But now I can fold them neatly! This pleases me out of all proportion.

--How to fold t-shirts quickly

--I like the new Butch Walker album (I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart) much more than I like the last one (Sycamore Meadows)

--How to remove grease stains from clothing

--That making the ceiling fan turn the proper direction results in MUCH cooler temperatures.

i'm also thinking of doing the fitness challenge thing at work. It's at an AMAZINGLY shitty time for the first two weeks, but then I can come home and nap. and I want my arms to look nice for my ridiculously sleeveless dress. decisions, decisions.

it's been a lazy day :)
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(yes, I know it's an ad. but it is delightful nonetheless.)


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