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1) In order for someone to realize that something is a badger mole or a komodo rhino or turtle duck or lion turtle, don't the individual components need to exist?

2) How is it even possible for the Fire Nation to have "conquered" the Earth Kingdom? Like, I know they take Ba Sing Se and Omashu, which is the capital and a pretty big city, but the Earth Kingdom is massive and -- unlike the Water Tribe(s) and the Air Nomads -- have a really large number of trained benders and lots of places to go to pun-not-intended ground. So how did that work, exactly?

3) Did the Northern Water Tribe just not send people to fight? And how many people went from the Southern Water Tribe?

4) White Lotus Society. Seriously. How did Pakku meet Iroh meet Piandao meet Bumi?

5) What is the ratio of benders to non-benders? And, somewhat relatedly, how does the Fire Nation -- which isn't large -- have so damn many of them?

6) If Aang is the last Air Nomad and the last Airbender, what's going to happen when the Avatar cycle comes back around to them?

7) How amazing are Katara and Sokka? Discuss.

8) How Lost Generation-y is the ATLA world? I haven't really noticed a lot of adults in the show. The kids, yes, and older people, but outside of the military and various guards and a few exceptions, I can't actually recall seeing a lot of adults.


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