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So, okay, I get the PStump has MIRACULOUSLY GONE BACK IN TIME TO JAILBAIT HOTNESS wtfery and the don't-call-it-a-solo-album wtfery, but um, are people seriously acting like POOR PEEEEEETE about it? 'cause uh, wasn't Pete the one who was like HIATUS TIME?

which is to say, bring it, pstump. ILU, BB. You're pretty much the only who could have made me type that unironically.
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dear pstump

Aug. 6th, 2009 10:10 am
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dear the fray:

...just no.

no love,

p.s., I motion to make PStump the only white boy allowed to cover Kanye West.


Stuff I've been watching!

Jekyll: OMG, how hotass is Gina Bellman in this? Seriously, she's worth it all by herself.

Surface: I started watching this because I thought it had William Fichtner in it (it doesn't, that show is called Invasion) and now I am watching it for the terribadness of it.

Dead Like Me: This is our group watching show. We love George and Roxy and Rube; we uh, don't like Daisy at all; and we think that Mason is hilarious. I'm enjoying the hell out of this show, seriously. I knew I would, because Bryan Fuller has yet to miss with me, but I didn't expect to like it as much as I do Wonderfalls (also recently rewatched) and Pushing Daisies. Anyway. Thumbs up! Highly recommended!

Stuff I've been reading!
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan - I liked it! The romance felt...sort of shoehorned in and kind of Dawn of the Dead remake-y, but I liked the worldbuilding.

Did I mention Nation by Terry Pratchett? I loved, loved, LOVED this book. It's angry and grieving and biting and I loved it.

um. that's pretty much it for non ridiculous romance novels. I have The Knife of Never Letting Go set up for later.

Now I need to go figure out how to best defrost a pound of frozen turkey.

ETA: also added to Stuff I am watching! Avatar: The Last Airbender. I just finished episode 2! It makes me go <33333
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How do I know this? 10 reasons why Pstump is still the bandom dork of my heart.

In no particular order!

-Because he sings Britney's "Womanizer" with Ellen Degeneres in a bathroom while Pete dances like an epic nerd in the background. And then when Pete is delivering lines worse than Britney ever did, you can see Pstump trying not to laugh. (also, Ellen D, HOW SO AMAZING?)

-Because he thinks the Roots are the best live band out there. Pstump +?uestlove 4evah!!!!!eleven!!

-Because he says things like, "I wish more artists were less afraid of funk." and "Even I'm getting sick of how much I talk about Kanye in interviews." Pstump + Kanye 4evah!!!!eleven!! (are we seeing a trend?)

-This is for [ profile] cidercupcakes mostly, and [ profile] sexonastick:
I'm hearing a lot of flack going the way of Jennifer Hudson, Faith Hill, and now Bruce Springsteen's legendary band for not performing live but miming their performances to pre-recorded music. And while I myself have made it a point never to lip-synch for any reason I have to say that, like the Christian Bale/Director of Photography debacle, uneducated people should mind their own business. Why is this trivia? Cause I'm gonna get vaguely technical: [snip really hot technical discussion of sound in a stadium] Springsteen is a legend and deserves a little respect. I know the internet was only invented so you can talk about how much you hate things in a disconnected attempt at scene points, but lighten up.

Which is to say, Pstump, how so awesome? Pstump + Springsteen and the E-street Band 4evah!!!!eleven!!

-Pstump and Travie and Cee-lo and Butch Walker did a song together. I KNOW, YOU GUYS, IT'S LIKE THEY WANTED ME TO BE HAPPY.

-He says stuff like this: "I've never assumed anybody reads this site, but whomever happen upon it, have a great day and do something good and selfless as soon as you're able to." Yeah, 'cause THAT's not exactly what I find ridiculously charming and attractive.

-I still think it's AMAZING that Patrick and Gerard apparently spent the Summer of Like playing warhammer. WARHAMMER, YOU GUYS. WARHAMMER. I can't decide if I want it to be classic or 40K because I can't decide which is EPICALLY NERDIER.

-Travis/Pstump 4evah!!!!eleven!!: “He’ll be like, ‘Travis, hit this note!’ and I’ll be like, ‘Just tune that shit!’ and he’ll say, ‘Just fuckin’ be a man and hit that shit!’ I got four feet on the dude, and he’s putting me in check.”

-Pstump and Butch Walker fanboy all over each other in a mutual interview. Link at icecreamhdaches

-...he's Patrick Randomly Changed His Middle Name WTF Stump. How could I not think he's the bee's knees? Also, LOVE LOCKDOWN, YOU GUYS. HOW SO AMAZING?

Via Pete and Travis: 1985 from Marvel Comics looks pretty cool.. I may have to check it out.

eta: if anyone wants to hook a girl up with the lullaby, i would be forever grateful.
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FOB cover of "Love Lockdown" = SO GOOD I CAN'T EVEN SAY.

eta: I have listened to it, seriously, like 10 times already. I may have to put it into rotation with their cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart."

eta2: pstump + adam levine duet/hook on a kanye or lupe song, awesome or awesomest?
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is there a downloadable version anywhere?

(also, apropos of nothing: my druid is at 25 and cat form is awesome)
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there's a Cure EP coming out with remixes of Cure singles (I'm not sure if they are old singles ore new ones) by Gerard Way, some dude from 30 Seconds to Mars (possibly Jared Leto), and Pete and Patrick.

So, you know. Just throwing that out there.

(also, the CitizensFOB mixtape is fantastically dorky. And Tyga makes me go likes this :D :D :D. And OH PSTUMP HOW SO AWESOME?)
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hm. I really liked all the characters except for Vanya and kind of went ??? at the plot. Like, I got to the end and went, "WTF?" This warrants more thinking about.
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saturday at comic con:

2:15-3:15 Grant Morrison and Gerard Way: Born Under a Black Sun— Grant Morrison (The Invisibles) and Gerard Way (The Umbrella Academy) discuss death, death, and everything: comics, culture, the war on youth, and how you can fight back. This panel will change your life! Room 6B

I can't stop laughing. That panel sounds simultaneously awesome and awful. If I were 10-15 years younger, it would just sound awesome.
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oh look, I'll be able to go see Gerard Way at a panel with Grant Morrison on the sold out day of CCI 2008.

Well, I mean, as long as it doesn't conflict with anything else.
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"Listen, that's not even characteristic of me. I'm sorry you guys had to see that shit. But if someone calls you something that offensive and that fucking disgusting, you have to bash their head with a microphone, I'm sorry."

Live the dream, Travie. Punching people in the face for being racist assholes is something I long to do.
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picspam! from beat it! mostly of patrick! and sometimes pete being happy! and random people!

(the file sizes are stupid, I'm sorry. I literally just screencapped and took whatever the defaults were and I don't know how to use whatever native image editing software this thing has, so they are kind of absurd.)

so beat it, but you wanna be bad )

(randomly, *wow* is patrick pissed about "birthday girl" getting yanked from the US release.)
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listening to jack johnson always makes me want to watch surfing documentaries. step into liquid is my favorite of them, as it is *gorgeous*.


The main serious post I keep waffling on making is a little bit about bandom (and right there I've lost a bunch of people) but it is mostly about race and how one of the things that BUGS THE SHIT OUT OF ME about the way fandom treats race is the disappearing of people of color and *especially* the disappearing of biracial people in the larger context of discussion persons and characters of color.

Because see, I'm still really pissed about some comments that were made last year (I can hold a grudge like you wouldn't BELIEVE) about there being no people of color in bandom (Pete Wentz would like to disagree. As would Travis, Ray, Gabe, Alex Suarez, Matt Cortez, Disashi, Brendon, Tyga and others) because they're there. They're *obvious*. FFS, STOP SAYING THEY ARE WHITE. STOP IT. *breathes* In terms of diversity of race/religion/sexuality, bandom *wins forever* over any other popular fandom I've seen. FOREVER. Black, Latino, A/PI, Jewish, atheist, Catholic, undivulged flavor of Christian, mostly straight but NOT ENTIRELY, bi and out, allies and supporters, actual conversations about sexuality and the perceptions thereof. This fandom owns. Also, Greta and Vicky T and Maja do not have penises.

Um. Hey, apparently I started making this post! But okay, here's why it bugs me and I will try to leave it at that: by calling them white, by making the assumption that they are white without bothering to look, people are basically rendering them invisible. And this is doubly troubling to me because for a lot of them, we're talking about people who are biracial and that's got a whole passel of problems that go along with it.

The other thing that just bugs the shit out of me is the continued European assertion that they don't consider latinos to be of color. That's nice. THEY DO. What they perceive trumps what you perceive. Period. And all of the annoyances at the way Americans frame the discussion of race in American terms and all the different contexts in the world doesn't change that latinos from this particular side of the globe DO NOT CONSIDER THEMSELVES WHITE. There are *other* issues at work with which, frankly, I'm not even remotely qualified to talk about , but the primary issue for me is that they are not white. You can say all day long that they would be considered white in Europe and that's nice, but that's problematic in its own way. Other people than me who are smarter and more articulate should discuss this.

(somewhat relatedly, I got an email a while ago about the Jesus Walks vid which basically said that if Gunn's arc had been anything like that on the show, they would have kept watching. Here's the thing: that *was* Gunn's arc on the show. That vid was me attempting to show everyone else the show I had *always been watching*. It was there for everyone to see, Gunn was AMAZING and it made me sad every day in that fandom that people were being all SPIKE and ZOMG ANGEL IS BEIGE and ZOMG LINDSEY and meanwhile my darling was off kicking ass and negotiating the difference between the greater good and uh, what Angel thought was the greater good -- opening an orphange = good! being emo about how you're not sure you're doing good = lame and boy was there more to talk about with moral ambiguity and beigeness there. ANYWAY. This post is more than long enough and I need to get ready for work.)

There's an excellent post here that talks about some of the same issues: in Psych fandom.
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this interview could go on forever and I would not get tired of it:


I spent a bit of this evening shining my tinhat.

sal and dean (or my proximity to greatness - thx jd) is still the most RIDICULOUSLY AWWWW-INDUCING THING EVER.
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Beat It/Carpal Tunnel of Love (live at the VMAs)

Beat It (studio, feat. John Mayer. from ****)

please to be giving us the video for "Beat It" soon, you guys. 'Cause if Pete was in that getup, I want to see the other three.

Love Will Tear Us Apart (live and acoustic on 98.1)

Love Will Tear Us Apart (acoustic. from My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side to My Tongue)

The way some of you feel about the PatD cover of "Karma Police" is the way I feel about the FOB cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart." (however, you are all wrong about Karma Police. Because that r should never, ever be enunciated. Ever. I accept that I am wrong about "Love Will Tear Us Apart." I just do not care.) BE VULNERABLE AND KIND OF PISSY BY TURNS, PATRICK. YOU ARE THE BITCHY LITTLE CONTROL FREAK DICTATOR OF MY HEART.

Shut Up and Drive (Rihanna, feat. Fall Out Boy. Live at the VMAs)

So Sick (live and acoustic on some radio station)

One and Only (Timbaland, feat. Fall Out Boy)

Don't Matter/Ignition (remix) (live at the VMAs)

Roxanne (from Policia: A Tribute to the Police)

What's This? (from the reissue of the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack)

Under Pressure (drunken karaoke from Angels and Kings)

Dust My Broom (acoustic, from the HCT behind the scenes stuff)

Let's Get It On (live in Seattle)
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I got more sleep yesterday than I did the entire FIVE DAYS previous. WOOOO.

Awesomefest was amazingly fantastically awesome.

Also, redacted (****) = PORN! More later, though [ profile] thelionforreal posted daily reports, so you can check that out.

eta: Patrick/MCR gangbang! WOO! Because [ profile] 3jane is the nicest.
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I totally did girly crap today like get my hair done (shorter! but not as dark as I wanted! boo!) and I bought...a kind of ridiculously girly outfit in brown and pink (pink! PINK, YOU GUYS) so I can be all pretteh for [ profile] thelionforreal. Then I went to Bath and Body Works (boo on their "sensual amber" and "amber & chocolate" scents which are too fake perfumey for/on me). Then I went shoe shopping again but I could not find a pair of plain brown or plain pink chucks, though I did consider buying a pair in white with a pink/green double tongue and a pair of Vans with a black/white argyle print (oh Patrick, what have you done to me). And now I am considering saying clashing patterns be damned! and going for shoes of OTP-ness with ridiculously girly outfit, except I cannot. So if I can get out of going to the sizdeh bedar tomorrow, I shall continue my quest for chucks that will go along with the outfit. And possibly also a manicure and pedicure because my toenails are...pretty red right now, dude, 'cause it...yeah. I cannot do red toenails. No no no. My life, it is so hard.


So, I've mentioned the part where I am a terrible viewer of vids, right? Right. Well, I am *terrible* at vidwatching (and uh. commenting. and reccing. and talking about. Basically, if it has to do with vids, I'm pretty much stupid.) And sadly, I do not have the link from which to download the full version or um. Leave a comment, though I will totally get that when I can, but I enjoyed the fuck out of this vid.

eta: I am 31 pages into and it is AWESOME. PEOPLE ARE AMAZING.
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so, I wanted to write -- and started worldbuilding like CRAZY -- a sort of Heroes/X-Men/bandom mashup where our intrepid heroes (male and female) lived in a dystopia that thought it was a place of plucky determination protecting the people from dangerous terrorists minorities mutants and in it, I...gave Patrick the mother of all identity crises. Like, I was mean to *everyone* (except Joe. Joe always gets off pretty lightly in my worldbuilding, 'cause even in the vampire AU where he has a tragical angsty past, mostly he is a badass marine who wants to kill on vampire assholes and maybe smoke some pot in his off time. this is mostly because Joe makes me go all :D :D :D :D a lot because he's *Joe*), but I was meanest (I think) to Patrick (what? I love him *best*. Of course I was meanest to him), 'cause I made him a shapeshifter who couldn't hold onto a shape. Woooooo identity issues up the wazoo.

And it was mostly because Patrick, maybe more than any of the people in bandom, has a *million* faces. He's Eleanor Rigby, except uh. Less sad and a fuck of a lot louder. Case in point!

oh who am I kidding, this is really just an excuse to somewhat randomly picspam Patrick. HI PATRICK. YOU ARE STILL MY FAVORITE AND I WOULD NAIL YOU THROUGH THE FLOOR. )
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yes, all three of us--

butch is taking a page from radiohead and putting his new album up for download.

The new live album is up for purchase OR free download at It is called Leavin' The Game on Luckie St and it is about 2 hours of music recorded at the LGOT show in ATL. $5.99 for the 320 kbps version, $0 for the 120. The dvd will be available in the online store. It is not out yet.

for people interested in 1969, the side project Butch is doing with Michael Guy Chislett (from The Academy Is...), that album is out on 4/1 and will also be available at

and lastly, Butch Walker has a new album coming out...soon? called Sycamore Meadows. He is still working on it, but it will be up on the website when it is done.

anyway. you can sample music at his myspace:


eta: specifically for [ profile] cidercupcakes -- one of the songs Butch covers is "Born to Run." It's up on the myspace :) I thought you when it started.


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