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Hey, so, if people are coming out to southern CA in July of 2010, like say for a wedding or something, and you want to go to Comic Con later that week, Comic Con 2010 single day memberships go on sale today.

Given how quickly 4 day memberships sold out, you may want to purchase early.
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I just want it to be said that dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets are made of win. They are much better than boring nugget shaped nuggets and infinitely tastier than creepy Mickey Mouse Head shaped nuggets.

Plus, I like to pretend the tyrannosaurus rex nuggets are really raptors. GRAR!

also, I am out of tea, earl grey hot. >:(

um. there was something else I was going to say, but I have forgotten it in the time it took me to make the frowny face.

OH. Now I remember! Y'all, 4 day memberships with preview night for Comic Con 2010 are ALL SOLD OUT. ALREADY. 4 day memberships are still available, though. So, you know, for the people who uh, were maybe coming out here in July for Nerdtopia Does Giant Party With Maybe Some Vows Thrown In who want to do Comic Con as well might want to start looking at passes. :D? :D?

also, on an unrelated to most of this note: you guys, HOW AWESOME IS SUPERMAN, HUH? I MEAN, SERIOUSLY. ALSO, I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS, MARK WAID, BIRTHRIGHT IS FABULOUS. A++++ work. I like it better than Kingdom Come (what? I DO. Because you know who's utterly amazing in Birthright? LOIS FUCKING LANE. THAT'S WHO. ALSO THE KENTS. AND ALSO CLARK. AND JIMMY. AND PERRY. AND SUPES.)

as you were.

protip: rum cake is amazing.

also, so so so many people fail at understanding the basics of capitalism that it constantly amazes me. i'm not saying capitalism uber alles or anything, but jeez oh pete's, it is not actually a crime for a company to want to make money off their product.

an in conclusion: Ruthie Henshall is awesome.
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if it weren't, i'd be tempted to talk about Glee and how fandom is doing it wrong; being tired of listening to non-Americans hold forth on America; tokenism vs NOTHING AT ALL and which is more harmful; and a rant about civil behavior and how people are giant assholes who deserve a punch in the neck.

Instead, I shall say that cornbread is quite nice and Gail Carriger's Soulless is effervescent and delightful.

Also, in the realm of geeky things:
1) Planning a wedding to coincide with comic con: nerdy or NERDIEST?
2) when I next buy a house (a bigger one, where I do not plan to move ever), furniture from this site will be in it: http://www.geekchichq.com/
Because there's nothing more awesome than a dining room table that converts to ULTIMATE RPG GAMING TABLE. I would get it now, but it wouldn't fit in my dining room.


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