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The idea of Chris Evans* AND Joss Whedon** having a hand in Captain America makes me very very sad.



poor roy

Mar. 14th, 2010 04:09 pm
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man, I thought the arm was the worst of it.


i can't decide if heckling the DCU panel at Comic Con would be worth the inevitable attempt to punch someone in the face there.
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steve rogers/zinda blake: y/y/mfy?

swing dancing and punching nazis in the face.
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Aug. 16th, 2009 11:40 pm
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Reading! I've been doing a fair amount of this, also playing Starcraft.

Have Read:
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Allison Goodman- I loved the storytelling and then went *facepalm* at the hamhandedness of the metaphors. But you know, it has a duel weapon wielding ass kicking girl, some dragons, some kind of suspicious but well-meaning Set In Pseudo China, and a LOT of gender. Female lead, a main trans character, some interesting hints at complex sexualities. Interesting treatment of differently abled people. It's also, plot-wise, VERY predictable. Like, predictable to the point where knowing the premise pretty much let you know what was going to happen through to the end of the book.

Some ARC I got of an Ilona Andrews book - meh. I got bored 3 pages in. I didn't like her other series, but this one was free and I was like, "Well, maybe I just didn't like her other characters..." and no, it just turns out I think her books are boring.

Fire by Kristin Cashore - I really liked it! [livejournal.com profile] fox1013, I am totally good to talk about it now!

Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey. YAY.

Am Reading:
The Faded Sun Trilogy - CJ Cherryh. As near as I could tell, it was about space ninjas, and also I really liked 40000 in Gehenna.

One More Bite - Jennifer Rardin. Vampire assassins for the CIA! It is still amusing!

Rosemary and Rue by an author whose name escapes me but it is an ARC and it is in my room far far away.

Quiver - Kevin Smith. Because Arrow Family is the second DCU family of my heart. Also, because it is the Speedys Kick Ass Show.

Upcoming Reading:
Banewreaker duology by Jacqueline Carey. I really liked this set the first time I read it and want to know if it holds up to rereading for me.

Nightworld, vol. 3 - LJ Smith. I got it for free at Comic Con!

Books of Magic - Neil Gaiman. Because I just realized I had it.

Romance novels by Nalini Singh (yay!), Julia Quinn (semi yay! So far, I have not liked anything quite as much as her Bridgerton books), Stephanie Laurens (IDEK. Let's just leave it there), Mary Balogh (I like to read hers when I want to cry!), and Loretta Chase.

eta: I still think my Roy mix was one of the best fanmixes I've ever made. (if I still had webspace, I'd reupload the music. Oh well)
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Watched the Watchmen. Enjoyed it WAY more than I thought I would, given how much I don't...uh, love the comic. I don't dislike the comic, but mostly the feeling I come away with after reading it is, "Wow, Alan Moore, you don't think your readership is that bright, do you?" and the movie made me go all :D :D :D :D at it.

The soundtrack was awesome, with the exception of the Leonard Cohen "Hallelujah," which I love but which was used to unfortunate comic effect.

The title sequence is getting kudos, and rightfully so, as it packs a ridiculous amount of information into a relatively short amount of time.

I liked it! I will probably talk more about it later, but right now I have to sleep, because I have to be at work soon. I leave you with this, though:

Jackie Earle Haley was amazing, but the trio of Patrick Wilson, Malin Akerman, and Carla Gugino was what sold me on the characters as people, largely because I found the whole loss of identity thing to be very compelling.

Good job, Zack Snyder. You're 2.5 for 3 with me.
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hm. I really liked all the characters except for Vanya and kind of went ??? at the plot. Like, I got to the end and went, "WTF?" This warrants more thinking about.


Aug. 1st, 2008 12:53 am
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so I finally finished reading Watchmen. I will have more thoughts later, but:


in other news, I like Dan and Laurie and Jon a lot and Rorschach a little. Also, Rorschach would have hit it with Dan in a hot second if he weren't crazy.

Anyway. I think the appeal of Alan Moore is largely lost on me as I generally come out of reading his stuff left with the urge to punch him repeatedly in the face. That said, Watchmen is a brilliant story filled with fucked up people who do fucked up things and are largely miserable and who suck. Zach Snyder, bring me the pretty, baby, and also explosions.

(but no, seriously, Nite Owl = love)

the spirit

Jul. 17th, 2008 09:16 am
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I was really looking forward to The Spirit because it has Gabriel Macht and Samuel L Jackson.

After watching the trailer, I'm not so much. God damn you to tell, Frank whores whores whores Miller. Not everything is Sin City. GTFO.
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saturday at comic con:

2:15-3:15 Grant Morrison and Gerard Way: Born Under a Black Sun— Grant Morrison (The Invisibles) and Gerard Way (The Umbrella Academy) discuss death, death, and everything: comics, culture, the war on youth, and how you can fight back. This panel will change your life! Room 6B

I can't stop laughing. That panel sounds simultaneously awesome and awful. If I were 10-15 years younger, it would just sound awesome.
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so, I keep getting into this argument with people* when I say, "I am a Superman fan," because INVARIABLY the response is, "Oh, I like Batman more. Superman's boring."

To which my response is, INVARIABLY, "Yeah, well, at least Superman didn't come up with lethal ways to kill all his friends or launch a spy satellite to track metahuman everything across the globe and then lose control of it or, oh yeah, BE A COMPLETE ASSHOLE."

And then the response is like, "Superman gave him the kryptonite!" and I'm all, "Yes, because SUPERMAN'S NOT AN ASSHOLE." And then they're all, "But what if superheroes go bad?"

And then I kind of flail at them and make this sound like a demented tea kettle and be all, "HE WON'T KILL A VILLAIN, BUT HE CAME UP WITH A PLAN TO LIGHT THE MARTIAN MANHUNTER ON FIRE."

And then they're all, "But what if heroes go bad? You have to have a way to take them out!" and I'm all, "What, Mr. I'm the goddamn Batman A Super Genius won't kill a villain like the goddamn Joker or the ninety million nutjob psycho killers he puts away and who keep escaping but he really, seriously, couldn't come up with a plan better than 'induce a grand mal seizure in the Flash at superspeeds!' and 'have Wondy fight someone until her heart gives out!' and 'let's just fuck with GL's head such that he BELIEVES HE IS BLIND' or 'hey, you know what sounds like fun good times? LIGHTING THE MARTIAN MANHUNTER ON FIRE' or 'let me just render Superman's skin invisible so he's tormented by the sun! AWESOME!'"

Look. I wouldn't care about it if Batman, you know, killed some villains because it was expedient. But you don't get to tell me that the ONLY POSSIBLE WAY he could come up with incapacitating his FRIENDS is to kill them and have me like the man. Like, okay, seriously, Batman killing Superman via kryptonite? Gets a pass from me because Superman set that up. He gave Bats the kryptonite himself. But the rest of them didn't. And while I'm totally all for having the contingency plans in place, you don't get to make them lethal, spy on all the metahumans IN THE WORLD, and then be a dick about your own privacy or when people call you on your bullshit or when Wondy kills a dude because he had, you know, hypnotized Superman.

I mean, there are loads of other reasons I dislike him, but that's the main one. You all know how I feel about people being hypocrites and he hits that button *hard* for me.

So there it is. For posterity.

*for the record, I have been told that people pick this fight with me at work because it makes them laugh. In retaliation, I like to bring up how Hal Jordan killed the entire Lantern Corps.

eta: also for the record, I also don't like any of the Robins. Basically, the Batfamily (minus Alfred, the Birds/the Gordons, Lucius Fox, and the members of the GCPD) doesn't do a whole lot for me. Though, I'll be totally fair and also admit I'm not a big huge fan of Kon or most of the other Teen Titans. I do passionately love the Wonder family and the Arrows and Wally West. Oooh, and Blue Beetle. Both of them.

iron man

May. 3rd, 2008 04:13 am
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so, iron man was awesome. not my favorite comic book movie, but it's damn high up there.

And see, apparently I'm totally fine with enormous assholes as long as they save the world.

rdj was fantastically charming.
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oh, Roy. oh, Dinah. Oh, ROY.

*sniffles a little*


...oh, Ollie. Roy! I. I don't even have *words*.

I'm now kind of bummed that I got rid of my Roy and Ollie icon. BECAUSE ROY AND OLLIE OMG.

god, he is so doomed.

Fall Out Girl
Dude, it is so sad that very few people are coming with me on this one, because um, yeah. Seriously. This is mostly for [livejournal.com profile] annavtree. After Trish loses her temper and punches a dude, she gives an interview about the whole situation -- about being a female performer, about being dismissed because of it, about that anger and frustration, all of that stuff -- and at the end of it:

"I don't know," she says. She looks uncomfortable again and she glances away, toward all the sound equipment. "It's a man's world," she says softly, almost singing, "and it sort of sucks."

He's a little surprised by the reference, but after the time he's spent with her, he shouldn't be. He's less surprised a few months later when he sees Trish Stump on stage at the Grammy Awards, singing her heart out on "It's A Man's World." It's a pretty fitting, he thinks, as a tribute to Susie Brown[1], the godmother of soul and the hardest working woman in show business.

1 - yes, this is the cracktastical AU where I gratuitously swapped the genders on the entire music world. And Susie Brown is, of course, the girl version of James Brown. Named after his mother. performance a la Christina Aguilera singing "It's A Man's World" at the '07 Grammys.
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Getting back into the swing of things is difficult. Baby steps. *Shallow* baby steps. And it's really not that I stopped being fannish over the timeout so much as it was that I reevaluated much of a) how I respond to fannish texts and b) how I respond to fandom in general. That is, possibly, a post for another time. But I will say that things have changed. A little. Maybe.

I digress.

Y'all, Patrick Stump is smart, talented, and hot like a girl[1]. He is, in fact, hot enough that I am considering going to a Fall Out Boy concert at the Pond in May. I'm 27 years old. As fun and awesome as I find their music, I fear going to a concert full of over enthusiastic emo teenies. This is why [livejournal.com profile] annavtree needs to be west side (*gang sign*). Also because she is evil and worked her evil wiles. And also because she is adorable and awesome. Whatever. I got her with Supes, she got me with Patrick Stump. I consider it a fair trade.

More on the subject of Patrick Stump And How He is Incredibly Hot:
mimesere: curse you! *fist of fury*
bballespresso: what?
bballespresso: what did I do?
bballespresso: besides pimp you into this fandom to begin with?
mimesere: that!
mimesere: that is what you did!
bballespresso: it's not my fault patrick is a lesbian
mimesere: it *is*
mimesere: *blames you irrationally for patrick's dykeyness*
bballespresso: hahahaha
mimesere: mmmmm drumming
bballespresso: it's kinda awesome isn't it?
mimesere: ...
mimesere: patrick needs to do me right now. or sing. or both.
bballespresso: he can just sing for me
mimesere: awwww, shirtless andy!
bballespresso: I don't want to sleep with lesbians

and then:

bballespresso: god, he is so gay
bballespresso: he's singing showtunes!
mimesere: my sekrit lesbian girlfriend?
bballespresso: yes
mimesere: yay!
bballespresso: your sekrit lesbian girlfriend is gay
bballespresso: and by gay I mean he likes boys
mimesere: except for how he is sekritly a lesbian!

Other boys I currently love like burning include:
-Roy Harper (not a lesbian). Because seriously. How awesome is Roy? His immediate response to Hawkgirl, complete with mace, is: "Pretty bird." I believe he should immediately have sex with Zinda (cracktastical OTP represent!), Dinah, Kendra!Hawkgirl (if he won't be horribly killed by Carter), Donna, and Wondy. I *really* think he should have immediate hot sexin' with Wondy. As it would be mutually fun. Someone who is not me -- like, say, [livejournal.com profile] juleskicks or [livejournal.com profile] pearl_o -- should write that. Because seriously. Wondy + Roy. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?

-Nathan Petrelli (also not a lesbian). Um. Um. COULD HE BE MORE MY CRACK? I do not think that he could. I loved him before (no, really?), but the latest run of eps on Heroes made that love grow exponentially with like, every second he was on my screen. Oh, Nathan. *hearts* [2]

-Ryan Dunn (not a lesbian, but totally gay. [livejournal.com profile] thelionforreal has convinced me of How Out He Is). Hah. Bet you thought I'd gotten over that, what with Dunn TRAGICALLY NOT BEING IN UNHOLY UNION. But no. Because this week's ep, with its two seconds of SHEER OTP AWESOME, was wonderful. Also, he will be in next week. Yay Dunn! I believe utterly that he and Bam have broken up (amicably) and that Dunn and Knoxville are currently hittin' it like gangbusters.

-Mike Celucci (still not a lesbian, but awesome nonetheless). Um. Yeah. He's a bitchy stoic cop! Also, he has the incredibly good taste to want to hit it with Vicki Nelson, who is a bitchy, stoic, former cop turned detective! Oh, wacky canadian supernatural beastie fighting cops. Hopefully, Mike will follow the book trajectory and become so awesome I could die.

Anyway. Music!
Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
If I Ever Fall In Love (a capella) - Shai
Myxomatosis (Judge, Jury, & Executioner) - Radiohead
Each Day Gets Better - John Legend
Showbiz - Muse
Earth Angel - Death Cab for Cutie
Roxanne - Fall Out Boy
Everyday Girl - DJ Rap

[1] Which is, at least for me, different that being hot like a boy. Hot boys I look at and not want to do them. Hot *girls* I look at and go, "DO ME DO ME DO ME." This is possibly TMI, but there you go. Hot as I find Ryan Dunn? I don't want him to do me. Jaime Ray Newman can have me any which way she wants. Patrick Stump is hot like a girl. Hot hot hot.

[2] There is something, I think, to be said about Nathan and Hiro and why they, separately and especially together, ping my buttons hard. But that can wait for whenever I get around to talking about Sheila's Pairing Dynamics and You - A Rough Guide to Pimping. Because...seriously, y'all. I'm so easy it's not even funny.


Jan. 16th, 2007 09:36 pm
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Runaways #23:
OH CHASE. OH MOLLY. OH VICTOR. *hearts* You are some crazy fucked up adorable kids and I love you! Stay strong! Resist the power of Joss!

Superman #659:

Green Arrow #70:
I would totally break up with you if Mia weren't so awesome. Please to be bringing back Conner Hawke and Roy soon, okay? Okay.

Nextwave #11:
AHAHAHAHA COVER. *snorfle* Thank you, Warren Ellis, for taking the piss out of goddamn Civil War: the Soap Operatic Story Of How Cap and That-Goddamn-Douche-Tony-Stark Broke Up And Took the Entire Marvel U With Them. In other news, everyone continues to be made of shiny awesome.


Jan. 6th, 2007 10:17 pm
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Is that not the Zinda-est song evah? I think it is. It's a little dirty, a lot energetic, cheerfully jazzy, it mentions alcohol, and it is...uh, sexually generous. Just like my girl.

I love you, Zinda! You are the *best*. I still think you and Roy should have a playdate of sexin'.

Hi, we have reached the spamminatin' part of the evening.

bop 101

Jan. 1st, 2007 10:26 am
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Amazingly, the book just got *gayer* and the OTP continues to represent hardcore.

Well played, Gail Simone, well played.

It is nice to know that my OTP preferences are really frighteningly predictable. Best friends who make each other laugh a lot and are good for each other and hug? Totally my bulletproof pairing dynamic. The laughing is really the more important part.

Happy new year, y'all. Here's hoping that 2007 is full of fun and joy and goodness for everyone.

ETA: Jen, 101 is up for you.
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The big three plus Black Lightning and Hawkgirl are gonna fuck some shit up! They are gonna fuck some shit up hardcore!

And man, Hal's got a thing for archers. I mean, understandably, 'cause it's Roy? But still. *Damn*, that's some mighty gay right there.

In conclusion: Roy! Hawkgirl! Hal being gay for Arrows! Dinah threatening stiletto torture! Supes and Bats bickering! JLA FTW!


For [livejournal.com profile] fox1013: Pulse *not only* has Kristen Bell? But it has Ron Rifkin! And Brad Dourif, who you will know better as Luther Lee Boggs! And Ian Somerhalder! And an apocalypse!
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Nextwave #10 - Cracktastical AU extravaganza! Really cranky superheroes!

Superman #657 - Um. Um. Um. OMG Y'ALL. POST APOCALYPTIC METROPOLIS I THINK I LOVE YOU! Is that spoilery? I mean, it is something you can pick up from the cover. And the first page. Actually, I do not care if it is spoiler 'cause of that part where you can clearly see postapocalypticness from the cover. (Oh, Jimmy. Oh, *Lois*. I could not love either of you more than I do)

Birds of Prey #100 - Oh, ladies. You are all so, so gay for each other.

Civil War - Wow, Tony Stark, you are a dick. You are *really upset* that Cap broke up with you 'cause you are a dickface who does not care about civil liberties. I bet you cry emo tears at night because no one loves you. Also, I bet the mutants are totally pulling an I Told You So. This is what happens when you don't speak out about Mutant Registration, superheroes! It comes back to bite you on the ass! This is like the worst soap opera in the world. I don't like 90% of the people playing and a large portion of the people playing are just being stupid in some pretty remarkable ways. But *man*, this is hilarious in the way where it is The Saga of Captain America and Iron Man's Divorce.


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