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Man, I *knew* having his myspace as a feed was going to come in handy!

He's touring in July: Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, SF, LA, ANAHEIM WOOOOOO, Phoenix, Houstin, Kansas City, Columbia, St Louis, and Atlanta.

user name: butch
password: walker

omg you guys. I'm so ridiculously excited, I can't even. BUTCH WALKER! IN ANAHEIM!
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Metallica, the Offspring, the Raconteurs, Rise Against, Bad Religion, Pennywise, the Bravery, Scars on Broadway, Seether, Flogging Molly, Atreyu, MGMT, Flobots, Ludo

...that's kind of a lame lineup. Well, no. I should be fair. It's an awesome lineup, except for Metallica (because...I will never pay for anything Metallica-related *ever again*), but I don't know that it's an awesome lineup that is worth how much they will charge for it. I'd rather go see Warped, but I'm not doing that either.

Oh, Outsidelands. LUPE FIASCO WOO!
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upcoming stuff:

july 23-27 - san diego - comic con

august 21-25 - san francisco - outsidelands music + arts festival

sometime in september if the lineup is good and people want to go - san diego - street scene

I am kind of bummed to be missing Prince at Coachella, I have to admit.

Does anyone have recommendations for a decent, cheap hotel in SF near enough to public transportation that we can get to Golden Gate Park?
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ahhhhhh. suddenly the part where jack johnson is headlining outsidelands with radiohead and tom petty makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE.

ecofriendliness makes for some strange bedfellows.
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I got more sleep yesterday than I did the entire FIVE DAYS previous. WOOOO.

Awesomefest was amazingly fantastically awesome.

Also, redacted (****) = PORN! More later, though [livejournal.com profile] thelionforreal posted daily reports, so you can check that out.

eta: Patrick/MCR gangbang! WOO! http://3jane.livejournal.com/787805.html Because [livejournal.com profile] 3jane is the nicest.
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1) A jacket of some kind as it is supposed to rain on Sunday (Bob, don't get struck by lightning).
2) A bathing suit. 'Cause our hotel has a hot tub.

That was pretty much it.

IDK, you guys. If there's other stuff I should be taking into account, let me know.
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cobra starship = A+++++++

Also, Gabe leading Alex Suarez around by the tie? A+++++++

Hannah Montana showed up at our show. I laughed a lot.

I am so, so, so sore. But I am giddy with the dancing.
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They started advertising Bamboozle Left on KROQ this week -- they are pushing it as part of their World Tour 2008, so if you win tickets to Bamboozle Left to see Paramore (and others!), you are entered to win tickets to see Paramore in Berlin -- and so I figured I might as well get my tickets for it now.

so. For the left coasters who don't know:

Bamboozle Left - April 5th and 6th at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine CA.
Two day passes are $75 and in those two days, the line up consists of My Chemical Romance (RAAAAAAY! BOB! GERARD! ZOMG!), All American Rejects, Alkaline Trio (OMG), Jimmy Eat World (OMG OMG OMG), New Found Glory, Paramore, From First to Last, Reel Big Fish (eeee!), Story of the Year, Armor for Sleep, Metro Station, Saves the Day! and apparently they are not done adding acts, because I'm pretty sure Jimmy Eat World wasn't on the bill last time I looked at the line up.

Anyway. I think it would be awesome if some other local people came out for it. It's on a weekend, Irvine's terrifyingly Camazotz-like but safe, the tickets are AMAZINGLY CHEAP and the lineup is pretty outstanding. I'm actually excited about both days (seriously! JIMMY EAT WORLD! MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE! AWESOME!) and I get to have people and do the concert thing again! WOO! Cobra Starship at the Troubadour in February and Bamboozle Left in April and I am trying to decide if I want to go to HCT when it hits Anaheim but I dunno yet. The Anaheim date is on a weekend I think, so it's a possibility.

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[livejournal.com profile] ladysorka, I am requesting that we go stage left. because, uh. well. ZOMGRAYTORO.

eta: also, gh2 for xbox360 can go eff itself. PLAYSTATION 2 PEOPLE WANT MCR SONGS TOO.
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concert report x2!

Young Wild Things at Long Beach Arena, 11-27-07 )

KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, Night 2 at the Gibson Amphitheatre, 12-9-07 )

And man, MCR, I want you all to take a break so bad, and yet I want *so much more* for you to tour this way again so I can see you guys. I'm all torn!
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3 and 1/2 Muse shows this year, and every time they have totally fucking rocked hardcore. omfg. so so so awesome. I am so so so sore. Also I totally injured myself flailing around like a spastic dork during the jimmy eat world and muse sets (specifically during the first chorus of KoC, I banged the fuck out of my knee on the seat back in front of me while I was jumping up and down and headbanging).

Music spam to come.

eta: brandon flowers may be a complete dick, but my *god*, the killers put on a hell of a show.

take a bow

Dec. 6th, 2007 05:29 pm
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I'm totally sitting here like a nut, refreshing ticketmaster's page so I can (try) to get (floor) tickets for Almost Acoustic christmas. I'm also trying to convince myself that just because my favorite shirt in the world is Muse tour merch, that doesn't mean I should buy another one just in case something happens. However, I don't see this working, as I panicked when I thought something *had* happened to it.


Blizzard + Activision = world domination, y/y?


that was all. you all should entertain me.

ETA: holy crap, dude, I was like two seconds late with loading that and that put me up in the loge. I guess this means I keep trying to win tickets for the pit. MUUUUUSE.

eta2: Aaaaaand it was sold out less than 15 minutes after it went up. Awesome.
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tickets for the really really ridiculously good looking tour just went on sale for the Troubador. Like, *literally* just went on sale. I was obsessively refreshing the ticketmaster page.

Anyway! I got two. So yeah. If anyone wants the other, just let me know.

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] fox1013 and I have figured out that we share our sleep and awake times. Like, when she is sleeping a lot, I am not, and when I am sleeping, she gets to be awake! It's fantastically bizarre and would be a little scary if it weren't so hilarious.
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HEY SO. Cobra Starship in the Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Tour: February 16, 2008 (a saturday! woo!) at the Troubador. Who's with me?
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I don't know what KROQ is doing for this weekend, so I will do it my own self. Rock of the 90s, listener's choice.

Choose 3 songs from the 90s, preferably rock, but I've got a decent collection of hip hop too, and I'll put it up.

KROQ almost acoustic christmas onsale info:

  • Tickets go on sale Thursday, December 6
  • Night One on sale at 5pm, and Night Two on sale at 6pm
  • You must be a KROQ Street Team member to buy tickets
  • If you are already a KROQ Street Team member, sign-in now to make sure we have up-to-date info.
  • If you are not a KROQ Street Team member, sign-up now.
  • Watch your email starting Tuesday, December 4 for your on-sale password and link to buy tickets.
  • Tickets will only be sold on-line via Ticketmaster.com.
  • There will be no sales at outlets or by phone.

Will call tickets
75.00 + 4.75 fac fee + 10.80 ticketmaster fee = 90.55 x 2 = 181.10 + 3.40 ticketmaster processing fee = 184.50 a pair

Print at home
75.00 + 4.75 fac fee + 10.80 ticketmaster fee = 90.55 x 2 = 181.10 +3.40 ticketmaster processing fee + 2.50 print at home fee= 187.00 a pair
(it's in pairs because there is a 2 ticket limit)

Yes, I just copied and pasted directly from the website.

Night 1 tickets benefit the Al Wooten Jr Heritage Center. Night 2 tickets benefit Para Los Ninos.

in other news, wooooo, my mom's brain is fine. Crazy, but otherwise super.

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Night 2: MUSE MUSE MUSE! 12/9/07

Jimmy Eat World
Modest Mouse
Silversun Pickups
The Shins

Well, I guess we know where I'll be on December 9th.

Night 1 - 12/8/07 -
Linkin Park
Angels & Airwaves
Avenged Sevenfold
Bad Religion
Rise Against
Serj Tankian

All at the Gibson. HI. HI HI HI. Ticket onsale (and/or presale) info when I get it.

Man. I'm gonna be SO EXHAUSTED that weekend.


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