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man, it's been hard staying quiet.


NGL, it looks amazing.
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man, it is always discouraging to have to say to a grown person, "Okay, do you see the arrows pointing left and right? And there should be a little house next to it. Okay, now, there should be some text there. Do you see that? That's the address bar."
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Blizzcon is August 21-22 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Hopefully I don't have to work the whole thing this year.
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The cinematic intro for Wrath of the Lich King is BAD ASS, you guys. SRSLY.
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today was the first day in the 14 months that I have been working at DQ when I was emphatically DO NOT WANT about being there.


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heh. have been introduced to the world of pnp gaming. it was, uh. well. pretty much what i expected from the people i work with.


Aug. 1st, 2008 12:59 pm
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ahahahahahaha goody bag preview = INFLATABLE FROSTMOURNE.

(or inflatable something-to-do-with-paladins)

Also a polar bear mount with a murloc. WIN. I still have my murloc suit key from last Blizzcon.
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So...that Arthas is kind of a tool, yeah? I mean, I don't even disagree with the culling of Stratholme (that's the part of the human campaign I'm on now, and, you know, better dead and not killing your fellow villagers than undead and under the command of Mal'ganis), but damn, he's kind of a dick.
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seen: the dark knight. it is as fabulous as everyone says. jim gordon ftw, for reals, you guys. he is my ethical doing-his-best cop boyfriend. for the entire first 3/4 of the movie, i thought the woman detective was renee montoya. it is not. (renee montoya = love)

seen: 300. lena headey is awesome. uh. otherwise it's eyecandy. really gorgeous eyecandy with so many issues i don't even know where to start. frank whores whores whores miller, i award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul. i blame zach snyder a lot less, because i think his deal is making really really faithful adaptations of things. at one point, i turned to the guy i was watching it with and went, "those two dudes are so boyfriends," and he said, "yeah, they really are."

(started) playing: warcraft iii: reign of chaos. it is blasphemous of me, but i like it the actual gameplay better than starcraft so far. possibly this is because i was shown how to use the arrow keys instead of the mouse to move around the map and it is therefore awesome. plus, i like the orcs a lot. A LOT. thrall is my orc warchief boyfriend.

(still) playing: starcraft. ahhhh, kerrigan. <333333333 we'll see how this goes now that I'm a little more comfortable with the interface.

next up on the blizzard lore catchup is diablo, d2, and d2: lord of destruction in prep for d3. this can wait, though, as we just announced the thing and there will probably be a very long wait between now and when it is released.

played: gh aero. highly amusing, especially during the run dmc set.

ate: coldstone. mmmmm ice cream.

flailed about: i get an aaaaaaamy. i get an aaaaaaamy. la la la la la la.
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*sulks* I'm trying to get up to speed on Starcraft before Starcraft II comes out. But apparently I need to run it through Boot Camp or WINE or something. FAIL.

or I could play it on my other laptop.

also, I'll be goddamned if I know wtf is up with the new splash page at blizzard.com.

(and no, it is not a blizzard problem. it is an apple/mac problem. SO MUCH FAIL.)
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fall out boy has more cachet at work than my chemical romance.

(seriously, they do. it's kind of awesome. hardcore punk boys will mock the *shit* out of MCR, but they're strangely okay with FOB)

to whit: "why are you being so emo?" "emo? do I look like I listen to my chemical romance?"

me: "I can throw no stones. I am an unashamed and unironic fan of Fall Out Boy."
dude: "Oh, me too. You've got to respect a band that pretty much says they're shameless sellouts who want to make catchy music who then do that."
me: "I have a hoodie. It has emo holes."
dude: "Emo bolts? Like. Things you shoot? That would be the lamest or most awesome super power ever."
other dude: "Superman is emo!"
me: "Your *mom* is emo."
other^2 dude: "I like Panic at the Disco."
other^3 dude: "Dude, some guy just called me ma'am."

this is pretty much the level of maturity we display at work. Though I did get complimented for my Daily Planet t-shirt.

eta: for the record, if there's a story about being in a pit for any show in a fic of mine, chances are very good that I stole it from one of the music fans at work. they are *hardcore*. Not the screamy kind of music hardcore but the kind where I would want them backing me up in like, a knife fight. the people I work with = hilariously awesome nerds! who are also sometimes scary! like. seriously. so, you know. it is like I have found my people! giddy nerds who are like WOOOOOO TCGs! and WOOOOOO pen and paper RPGs! and WOOOOOOO violence is sometimes the answer! and WOOOOOOO punching people in the face!

eta2: I sorta wish my plot brain would kick in.
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so we went to a dive bar in mission viejo to go drinking with everyone. once more, I did not have to pay for my drinks, as apparently everyone finds it very funny when I drink.

final total of alcohol consumed: 1 rum and coke, 1 crown and coke, 1 grand marnier and orange juice, 1 shot tequila.

i totally danced with some old shameless dude, headbanged along to "cherry pie," and sang enthusiastically along with "dead or alive." oh bon jovi. *hearts*

also, some dude totally gave me his cheesy sunglasses. which, btw, i proceeded to wear for the rest of the night.

here is me in my newly acquired cheesy sunglasses: )
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I totally did not tell you guys how AWESOMELY NERDY we are being at DQ!

They are having a BATTLE OF THE ROCK BANDS.



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tonight was just what I needed. A bunch of gamer nerds running around Dave and Busters, playing pool and tabletop shuffleboard, trivia games, zombie shooting games, dinosaur shooting games, more shooting games, eating mini quiches and sliders and having a good time...

AND THEN the work day being over and a bunch of gamer nerds heading straight for the bar. Where someone bought me my first beer (Bass Ale) and then another person bought me my first shots (a Mind Eraser and some purple tasty thing) and then a third person bought me a lemon drop martini (this I have had before). And then --THEN -- oh, man, I'm sure we annoyed the fuck out of people around us but there were 10 of us singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" at the top of our lungs, complete with instrumentals and headbanging where appropriate, which then devolved into several groups around us also singing. So, totally awesome.

We talked about our sexual fantasies, misogyny, income taxes, wielding the banhammer, squeaky voices, flogging molly, and cock. There was a *lot* of talk about cock. Like. Seriously.

also? Straight boys have no sense of adventure when it comes to porn. Oh yeah, we talked about porn. The girls uniformly were like, "Well, it depends on our mood, but at least like...fifty options," and the guys were like, "What? No, like...2 keepers and everything else in rotation." Plus with the sexual fantasies conversation, the boys were all, "girl with a guitar" and "girl on a motorcycle" and "girl throwing me down on a table and having her wicked way with me" and the girls were all, "light bondage" and "I want to fuck Ash from Army of Darkness" and "maybe if my boyfriend dressed up like a pirate or something."

eta: also, content boycott = wow, not the way to make your point. I'd've posted, but I was too busy getting tipsy with some nerds.
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well played, DQ, well played indeed.
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a series of cracktastic AU shapeshifter + psychic romance novels with people of color! who knew? (Slave to Sensation has the romantic female lead as being Japanese/Slavic/Anglo-Indian and uh, so far my brilliant attention to detail has picked up on the male romantic lead in Mine to Possess as having "dark skin." The cover for this one lies with the white dude on the cover. By Nalini Singh, with thanks to [livejournal.com profile] vissy for pointing it out.) I'm not saying they're not problematic 'cause um. Yeah. But hot damn, male *and* female lead of color. Awesomesauce.

The new vampire assassins for the CIA book is out! woot!

I was telling [livejournal.com profile] thelionforreal about the Mary Sue Queen of the Moon Vampires books earlier today. Man, those are brilliantly entertaining because seriously. SERIOUSLY. Mary Sue Queen of the Moon Vampires! How is that not made of awesome?

I feel more people should read the book with Pete Wentz on the cover. Blind former-princess assassins! Soul sucked lesbian piercing artists! Travels to another dimension/plane of reality/drugs! WTF all over the place!

Keep your good books. I've got moon vampires and psychic wereleopards and a preternatural covert ops team that likes to blow shit up.

Serious conversations I had today:
dude: "So how's that scorpion killing going?"
me: "Fuck! I can't find it."
dude 2: "It's on the map! I told you where it was!"
me: "I know where it is on the map. I don't know where *I* am on the map."
dude: "You go like, that way." [gestures IRL]
dude 3: "OH THAT SCORPION. I totally know where that is. He's like up on a hill, isn't he?"
me: "Fuck you all. I found the Barrens."
dude: "How did you find that? You're not supposed to be there yet."
me: "I don't know. There was a mountain, I jumped, it told me I found the Barrens."
dude 2: "Okay, we're totally going to help you find the scorpion so you can kill it."
me: "That scorpion can go fuck itself. Then I have to go to the cave and find an axe. That guy can go fuck himself too."

[later, while looking at my map]
dude: "How the fuck did you find that place? You must have swum forever."
me: "No, there was another mountain and I jumped and then there was like, a hole in it or something, and then there was a river or something and it told me I found it."
dude: "I don't think that's possible."
me: "Well CLEARLY IT IS."
dude: "Where the hell were you *going*?"
me: "That one guy said to go west! So I did!"
dude: "But this is east. What? How...what? The guy is like RIGHT THERE."

[still later]
dude: "No, no, get that skill. It's awesome." [points to backstabbing]
me: "What does it do?"
dude: "...it stabs people in the back, Sheila."
me: "You know what."
dude: "No, it's awesome, you can totally shank people and then they die."
me: "I like that."
dude: "I know you do."

me: "Are we going to kill that boar?"
dude: "Yes."
dude 2: "Put your hand back on WASD."
me: "I don't like it, though. I'm not great with my left hand."
dude: "You'll appreciate it later when you're fucking people up. Plus, you can strafe. Ooh, no, sneak up on that one and punch it in the head."
me: "FUCK."
dude 2: "Yeah, backstabbing only works on their backs."
me: "Strafe? What? Do I get a gun?"
dude: "Only if you're a dwarf."
dude 2: "Really, you're more like a ninja."
dude: "A ninja who really sucks at sneaking up on people."

zomg cobra starship tomorrow yay!


Dec. 11th, 2007 06:57 pm
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...man, if I have anything to say about it, you will have to pry this job from my cold dead fingers.

*clings to it* thank you, marriott, for screwing me so spectacularly that I was forced to apply for a new job. and thank you also for providing me with several years worth of customer service experience that did me no good with you, but which is doing a metric crapload for me now.

thank you, thank you for leading me to what may, in fact, be the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD, OMG.


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