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Hey, so, if people are coming out to southern CA in July of 2010, like say for a wedding or something, and you want to go to Comic Con later that week, Comic Con 2010 single day memberships go on sale today.

Given how quickly 4 day memberships sold out, you may want to purchase early.
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if it weren't, i'd be tempted to talk about Glee and how fandom is doing it wrong; being tired of listening to non-Americans hold forth on America; tokenism vs NOTHING AT ALL and which is more harmful; and a rant about civil behavior and how people are giant assholes who deserve a punch in the neck.

Instead, I shall say that cornbread is quite nice and Gail Carriger's Soulless is effervescent and delightful.

Also, in the realm of geeky things:
1) Planning a wedding to coincide with comic con: nerdy or NERDIEST?
2) when I next buy a house (a bigger one, where I do not plan to move ever), furniture from this site will be in it: http://www.geekchichq.com/
Because there's nothing more awesome than a dining room table that converts to ULTIMATE RPG GAMING TABLE. I would get it now, but it wouldn't fit in my dining room.
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1) Given a chance to wear a tiara, I will take it.

2) Wedding photographers are hellaciously expensive. Seriously, wtaf. I have apparently gotten into the wrong line of work.

3) AHAHAHAHAHA MY MOM. /o\ 30 years later, my mom still doesn't seem to know a lick about me. awesome.

4) My family is expecting elegance and taste. Mostly I'm planning for ridiculous and possibly tackily hilarious. With lots of dice. And maybe an RPG.

5) Hotels are expensive too :(

Which is to say, I am getting married. /o\ Yeah, I don't even know. But the boy is adorable and I cannot help myself.
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at last - etta james
these arms of mine - otis redding
god only knows - beach boys
i wanna hold your hand - beatles
starlight - muse
crazy little thing called love - queen


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