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[livejournal.com profile] fox1013 says pretty much everything I think about Glee and she is much better at expressing things, so you should go read her. This includes my opinion of the last episode, "Mash-up," which mostly made me go like this: >:(

The only thing I want to say about the episode is that it was a TERRIBLE musical. All the others have been pretty excellent about having music that furthered the plot while also being, you know, SINGING AND DANCING YAY, but this episode was just...not good.

Also, Finn made me all >:( too. But my tinhats are all still firmly in place.

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there were 5 of us watching and all of us hated West and loved McQueen.

It remains hilarious how the show tried to make West the main character and then failed utterly because he's annoying AND a bad actor.

McQueen is still the awesomest.

I will kind of want to vid it to Ruby Blue.
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you guys, I went looking for katara/zuko fic and I am suddenly reminded of why I don't go off flist for fic.

also I need an icon.
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Huh. I find myself (bizarrely) shipping Katara and Zuko. WTAF.

Also, Iroh is made of awesomeness.

Also, I think I need icons.
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so...hey, where's the:

seaquest dsv: miguel ortiz fic? or tim o'neill? or the miguel/tim?

jeremiah: kurdy fic? come on now, please tell me there's epic amounts of kurdy fic. esp. w/jeremiah. I know there's vids, but this show is amazing. Postapocalypse! road trip! snark! banter! [livejournal.com profile] annavtree, you would love it!

just fyi: if you have an xbox and a netflix subscription, you can do instant streaming via xbox live and it is AMAZING.

also! recommendations wanted for shows that one can watch while doing something else. So far Seaquest has been a win and Jeremiah is also a win, but Xena failed utterly as iit was remembered more fondly than accurately.

my drood is 74 and running around dragonblight.
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so I am watching True Blood because....well. Because I like the books, honestly. Things what are awesome about the series:

Sookie = <33333333
Tara = <3333333333
Sam = <333333
Lafayette = <3333333

Things which are less awesome about the series:
Bill (I read the books, you guys, I know Bill is a dick. Plus I have an irrational hate on for Stephen Moyer. PLAY FEWER VAMPIRES, DUDE. Er. Also, I'm not a huge fan of vampires in general. I know, I know. I read lots of stuff with vampires in them, but GODDAMN they are my least favorite supernatural creature.)


I am looking forward to Eric and Pam, though.
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so, [livejournal.com profile] fox1013 and I were watching XF last night because we're trying to prepare for the new movie and we watched "Humbug" and then I watched "Dod Kalm," "Fearful Symmetry" and that one episode with the combination of Samantha, Luke from BtVS, and abortion doctors and the retrovirus that made your face turn green and melt off and the conclusions I have come to (or renewed, actually) are:


2) Barring that, DO SKINNER (scully/skinner = cranky, competent, face punchy, mulder-mocking otp of my heart)

3) No, seriously, MORE SCULLY.

4) Darin Morgan = WIN (truthfully, I like all of the Morgan, Morgan and Wong eps.)

5) The list of episodes "necessary" to understand the new movie doesn't make any sense, unless the movie is about how a genetically engineered vampiric flukeman with cancer who can tell the future falls in love with scully. which, okay, IS NOT AS FAR FETCHED AS IT COULD BE. (eps are: pilot, "beyond the sea," "the host," "clyde bruckman's final repose," "memento mori," "post-modern prometheus," "bad blood," and "milagro." THERE'S ONLY ONE REAL MYTHARC EPISODE YAY YAY YAY.)

6) the XF: Fight the Future soundtrack remains AWESOME.

I ran out of things. um. anyway. XF: I Want to Believe at Comic Con group outing, y/y?
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Like I said in an earlier post, for whatever reason, I can't get the first episode off the cd it's on. I'm working on the others but I finally got this one to load so I'm sharing it before I forget.
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Patrick doesn't show up for 41 more minutes. :(

ETA: so, amazingly, these were the first two episodes of Law and Order I'd ever seen. There was stuff that happened in the first one and mostly I kept giggling inappropriately and going, "LOOK, IT'S GRIMA! HI GRIMA!" whenever Brad Dourif was on screen.

This is, of course, when I was going, "Who is this annoying dude? The blond guy. Why...why is he annoying?" or "HI JESSE MARTIN HI HI" or "Hey, I like the boss of the detectives. She's *awesome*."

And then there was Patrick! And the boss lady was awesome and told them to use their whistles and I don't know that the plot made a lot of sense 'cause um, I wasn't paying any kind of attention, but then there was Patrick and I was happy.

...this was pretty much my L&O experience. Also, he didn't shame himself! *Totally* a better actor than Pete! YAY PATRICK!

to sum up: Jesse Martin = hot. Annoying blond lawyer guy = annoying. I also spent the entire two hours watching Jeremy Sisto and going, "So you're taking Kevin Conroy's place as animated Batman in New Frontier? REALLY?" and judging him a little for it. Though Bruce Timm says that Jeremy Sisto is really really good as Bats and that they were told by Warner Animation that they had to make the movie continuity different from the DCAU. Anyway. Five minutes or so of me going, "PATRICK PATRICK LOOK IT IS A PATRICK!" and then the remainder going, "WTF annoying blond dude, GTFO." Also I was tagging my porn music. Also I am spamming.


Dec. 29th, 2007 06:44 pm
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man, this was a deservedly short-lived and entertainingly terrible show with like, a bajillion hotass people.

Eric Balfour and Ivan Sergei as homicide detectives! Sharif Atkins and Michael Biehn as...other detectives that don't do homicides I think! Aya Sumika working her way up to be a detective! Cary Tokugawa as the police chief! So awesome.

I just found my video files of it! all seven episodes! *hugs it and loves it and calls it my squishy*

chuck 1x07

Nov. 7th, 2007 12:50 am
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two things

1) Hot damn, that was slashy.

2) I can see why the dude playing Bryce was shortlisted for clark/supes.

clearly, team bartowski = team threesome.

in non-chuck related news, I have found an Iron and Wine song that I like that isn't "Naked as We Came" or "The Trapeze Swinger"! Hurrah!
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This will amuse like, two people.

[livejournal.com profile] fox1013 said:
I just added Feedback on MySpace here. I would like to encourage any of you who watch to go check that site out, if only because he lists his occupation as "Superhero" and basically he is so cute I could die.

Guys, he's so sincere! So genuinely sincere! But in a really good, self-aware way that makes me love him!

(mimesere, is this how Gerard Way makes you feel? And if so, I think you should write a crossover.)

So I did. Gerard Way and Feedback at Comic Con 2007. )

And, because Amy is EVIL.

rockstarfoxlet: know what I think you should do?
rockstarfoxlet: Either manip, or make someone manip for you, a picture of Gerard Way as a superhero with Stan Lee
mimesere: heeee
mimesere: I was actually just thinking I would kind of love to see a bandom superheroes fic
mimesere: 'cause I have a Rock Stars for Justice icon. where FOB is dressed up as superheroes
rockstarfoxlet: do it
rockstarfoxlet: doooooooo it
mimesere: but yes. I think I would love a Gerard as superhero icon.
MCR as superheroes. )

bonus FOB action )
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...okay, Henry totally grew on me.

ETA: um. Yeah. Henry being burninatingly jealous of Mike? Totally FTW. That shit is *hilarious*.
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Well that was...interminable. I liked Atia and Pullo and um, Vorenus? And, you know, Ciarin Hinds is hot. But man, the moppet? Is, so far, an annoying little shit. Though this is true of all the moppets, including Hot Guy That Was In Other Stuff Like Resident Evil and Vanity Fair. And apparently, ancient Rome = not my thing. I am giving it one more episode though I am almost certain I will spend it going, "My goodness, the Romans are awfully British." But I am trying! Maybe it will capture my interest and go running off with it into the wilds of Italy.

I dunno. Apparently I really do need at least one non-emo good guy.

...stupid ABC, cancelling my show.


So, the second ep? Way more interesting to me than the first. I do like Vorenus and Pullo. Atia continues to be awesome and she is joined in awesome by Niobe, who is hot. The moppets were in general far less annoying this time around, though Octavia is just irritating. ...Oh, Moppet #1 is the kidlet from Master and Commander. Goodness, they grow up fast.

Ciarin Hinds = still hot. Though, admittedly, he is *far* hotter as Capt. Wentworth.
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Day Break is gone. No esta en la tele.


*sad face*

ETA: In other...interesting news, I rented DMC. Hahahahahaha! I see snark in my future.
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"She's a Jane Doe."
"Looks more like a Juanita to me."
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Pushing the reset button )

I need to do Day Break picspam and also make myself an icon.
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It does not *feel* like 54 degrees! It feels like it is FRICKING FREEZING, MR BIGGLESWORTH! *huddles pathetically in blankets for warmth*

And, because I am bored, a meme:

If My LJ Were Its Own Fandom...
a. Who would people ship me with?
b. Who would be my arch-nemesis?
c. What would a Mary Sue in my fandom be like?
d. When or how did I/will I jump the shark?
e. Write a one sentence summary of the story that would win the Best Fanfic Award in my fandom.
f. What would a typical badfic involve?
g. Who would be the BNFs in my fandom?
h. Why would my fandom end up on fandom_wank?


Pretty much I got lazy looking for things. So this is a collection of scenes from Coupling.

Steve, Jeff, and Patrick playing Reservoir Dogs.

(and for comparison: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ej29WNIoO9Y the actual scene from Reservoir Dogs. TIM ROTH I LOVE YOU.)

Patrick, Sally, and Spider-man.

Sally, Susan, and the happy trotting elf.

Lesbian Spank Inferno. Heee.

Captain Subtext and sofa cushions.
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Man, I love this show. It continues to be superhot and engaging and awesome.

"Maybe I can get here earlier tomorrow." Heee.

ETA: Dude, Hot Girlfriend? You are FOR WIN. As is Hot Hot Partner. And Hot Homicide Guy.
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H8Rs, Ugly Betty = FTW.

ETA: ahahahahahhaha. Gay Nephew is adorable while playing DDR. I am *so charmed*. Even by Eric Mabius, who is a dick in the same mold as Alex Karev.



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