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I am reading a book about pseudo-vikings and pseudo-welsh people (last light of the sun by ggk) and in the absence of me noticing descriptors, pretty much everyone in the books looks like a variation of Jason Momoa, Dwayne Johnson, or Kal Penn.

and this is why I cannot play the casting game very well. Oh, you want a hot person who kicks ass? Please, let me show you them )

also, you guys, seriously. MORE FIC FOR THESE GUYS, OKAY? )
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picspam! from beat it! mostly of patrick! and sometimes pete being happy! and random people!

(the file sizes are stupid, I'm sorry. I literally just screencapped and took whatever the defaults were and I don't know how to use whatever native image editing software this thing has, so they are kind of absurd.)

so beat it, but you wanna be bad )

(randomly, *wow* is patrick pissed about "birthday girl" getting yanked from the US release.)
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so, I wanted to write -- and started worldbuilding like CRAZY -- a sort of Heroes/X-Men/bandom mashup where our intrepid heroes (male and female) lived in a dystopia that thought it was a place of plucky determination protecting the people from dangerous terrorists minorities mutants and in it, I...gave Patrick the mother of all identity crises. Like, I was mean to *everyone* (except Joe. Joe always gets off pretty lightly in my worldbuilding, 'cause even in the vampire AU where he has a tragical angsty past, mostly he is a badass marine who wants to kill on vampire assholes and maybe smoke some pot in his off time. this is mostly because Joe makes me go all :D :D :D :D a lot because he's *Joe*), but I was meanest (I think) to Patrick (what? I love him *best*. Of course I was meanest to him), 'cause I made him a shapeshifter who couldn't hold onto a shape. Woooooo identity issues up the wazoo.

And it was mostly because Patrick, maybe more than any of the people in bandom, has a *million* faces. He's Eleanor Rigby, except uh. Less sad and a fuck of a lot louder. Case in point!

oh who am I kidding, this is really just an excuse to somewhat randomly picspam Patrick. HI PATRICK. YOU ARE STILL MY FAVORITE AND I WOULD NAIL YOU THROUGH THE FLOOR. )
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Did you all know that "Welcome to the Jungle" is 20 YEARS OLD? It came out in 1987 (so maybe 21, depending on when it came out).

Oh Slash, how are you SO HOT? (I have this theory that Ray Toro = this generation's Slash. And Matt Bellamy = Tom Morello.)

no, really, Ray Toro = Slash. And they both = OMGHOT. )

did the subliminal messages work? ray toro needs lovin', you guys. more ray/bob pls.
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I...really like my default-use Patrick icon, you guys. HIS ADORABLE BEAMY DORK FACE. His ridiculous sunglasses of awesomeness! OH PATRICK.

Anyway. Here! Have a picspam of Hot Talented People What Make Rock Music That I Really Like!


Most of my MCR pictures are in another folder (cleverly titled: Ray Toro is a hotass) and I'm way hungry, so I'm cutting this short.
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Before I get to the Viva La Jackass bits:



The problem with me and bandom is that I came into bandom after mainlining Viva La Bam/Jackass. I suspect this is why fic I write involves affectionate use of pet names like "asshole" and "fucker" and people doing dumb ass shit to each other. Also why there is a lot of punching or threatening to punch people in the face. My sense of humor is similar to that of a teenaged boy. Or Johnny Knoxville. Sometimes, I really really really badly want to vid Viva La Bam/Jackass. I think it would be fun.

anyway. What I'm basically saying here is that I really like when boys are stupid and giggly. )
Sometimes, I am kind of amazed by the incredibly stupid shit boys will do to one another.

I remain perplexed by people who do not find Ray Toro hot. Because you guys, seriously. Ray motherfucking Toro.

There's a bigger version behind the cut. Also more pictures. Of Archie and Jughead Ray Toro's Awesome Thighs.

There are a metric fuck ton of pictures behind this cut. All of Ray Toro. Except for the two that are of Bob. )
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...man. nothing even really comes *close* to how much of a tinhat I am about gunn/wes.

oh my *god*, you guys, gunn and wes! remember how they are awesome? so awesome. OH GUNN AND WESLEY, I MISS YOU SO MUCH YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW.

gunn! wesley! gunn and wesley! but mostly gunn! )

this, btw, is all the fault of [livejournal.com profile] mosca, [livejournal.com profile] callmesandy, and [livejournal.com profile] annavtree.
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...it is hot (the baby powder + POISON SPRAY OF DEATH thing seems to at least be confining the ants to the bathroom which is a YAY OMG) and I am cranky and hungry and utterly lacking in any kind of mojo so I am going to say fuck it, grab my ipod (still nameless! woe! though I am giving some serious consideration to naming it Patrick, hi I'm a dork) and my notebook, and go to Denny's or whatever and have cool fizzy drinks and chicken strips and write porn. And by porn I mean "fic that fades to black tastefully before there is nakedness but after gratuitous mentions of graphic sexual acts to be performed by people of varying heights, melanin-levels, genders, and musical ability."

Also, I think the way to pimp [livejournal.com profile] witchqueen into bandom is with Patrick/Travis. Because hi. Hi, that is some hotness right there.

Patrick and Travis are made of cuteness. A very, very brief picspam. )
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I'm sure there are many (and better!) picspams of Ray Toro and The Thighs of Happiness in the world, but you know, I'm not a girl to let coming late to the party stop me from sharing things of prettiness.

...every time I say Ray Toro and The Thighs of Happiness, I keep imagining him as Harry Potter, only with less capslock and more guitar solos. I totally bet Ray Toro is magic. No, I don't know why I keep calling him by his (sort of) full name. There are just some people you do that for, you know? And Ray Toro is one of them for me.

Anyway! Also included is a brief introduction to My Chemical Romance, because I'm just generous like that. And also, hot damn they're pretty.

This is Ray Toro. He likes picnics and video games and heavy metal and headbanging. I like his hair, his mouth, his hands, and his thighs. And his enormous...talent. Seriously, how is he so hot? Also, he is older than me, which is, I assure you, a wonderful source of comfort in a fandom that includes Panic! At the Disco.

Ray Toro and the Thighs of Happiness. They help save lives! And are magic! )

and here, have some soaking wet Frankie in a white shirt )
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And he deserves so much more love than he gets.

[livejournal.com profile] ladysorka does the picspam better, for she is made of awesomeness and so is Andy.

so! pictures of andy! and some interviews! and his comic habits! )

I...don't have any more pictures, sadly. I mean, I do. But this is for Andy and not for Patrick. So. Yes.

Have some interviews, though!


Andy and Patrick ARE THE MOST ADORABLE BOYS. Also the funniest and the smartest and the cutest.

Andy interview with PETA. OH ANDY. I love you and your earnestness a lot. ...I'm not giving up meat, though.
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Can we tell who my personal favorite is? I know it is difficult, because I am so subtle and in no way completely obvious.

bam and dunn, dunn and knoxville, and an adorable group photoshoot )

And now I go back to reading Cursor's Fury. Woo woo.


Aug. 31st, 2006 09:36 pm
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They are wee and adorable and Justice Lord!Wondy looks like she wants to choke a bitch! *poses her with Justice League!Flash* Also, hot. Way hot. Hi, I am totally one of those people who vastly prefers my superheroes of all persuasions to wear practical clothing (okay, except for capes, 'cause those fuckers are *stylin'*) that, er, leaves *something* to the imagination.

Oh, Justice Lords. You are the best fascists *ever*.

*surreptitiously makes Justice Lord!Supes grope Justice Lord!Bats*

...it would be overkill to go buy the Lexiac Nano Justice Lords, right? That version of Supes and Bats comes with a *Hawkgirl*. Though not a mace. And not as Shayera. Decisions are hard!

ETA: LaT! The picture I promised! )
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While I wait for the CLEA software to do its integratey thing, picspam! Commentary!  I make deep insightful observations like, "OMG! So pretty!" and "The reward/punishment to selfishness ratio in this movie is ON CRACK!"

But mostly, "ooh! pretty!"

In which we leave the good commodore behind for a bit )

The commodore returns! Woo! )

Dude, that was long.
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So I took a brief break there to go watch some girls kicking ass and that was nice.  But now I'm back! With an hour and a half to kill before class.  And we all know this means picspam!

And this time, more than two pictures!

Norrington as strategist, part 1 and Why Will Often Makes Me Want to Smack Him Upside the Head.  Though he is pretty. )

Off to class now.  la la la la.


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