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(no, seriously. one of the things I love most about Superman Returns is how it is overwhelmingly a positive movie and all about building connections and families and the strength of community and not being alone and how Superman/Clark/Kal-El inspires it and is apart from it and wants very badly to be a part of it without realizing how much he *is* a part of it.)


also #2: fuck right off with that deadbeat dad shit. srsly. The man came back from a *coma* the minute he found out that he had a kid. so yeah, this deadbeat dad criticism can suck my metaphorical dick.


also #4: I heart Kitty and her temper tantrum.
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Woo! Two years and half a vid later, I finally figured out a thesis other than "WOOO SUPERMAN IS AWESOME WOOOOO" and "Brandon Routh is ridiculously attractive." FTW brain. FTW in-deed.


Dec. 13th, 2006 11:11 pm
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OMG, Bryan Singer, you are the best.

I had not noticed the random cries of the *action figures* as they are horribly killed in the train set scene.
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"How mad do you think that makes Superman?"
"...a *lot*."

Oh, Clark and Jimmy. You should totally have madcap hijinks while tracking down a big story to scoop Lois while secretly Perry laughs at all of you. I still think it's wonderful that Jimmy loves Clark best.

Which is to say that Sam Huntington and Frank Langella? Entirely for win.

Though Kitty's little stompy temper tantrum is also really adorable. Man, I love this movie SO MUCH. It's got all these incredibly iconic moments and these random little moments of absolute cuteness and this core of...sweetness that just makes me go all "WHEE!" and "AWWW!" and "OHHH!" and just...there is so much I love! So much. It makes me flaily.

*watches happily* And the love theme! awwww! it makes me smile!

and *goddamn* Brandon Routh, you really are just inhumanly gorgeous.

ahahahahaha! the burrito! oh, Clark and Jimmy. I really need a Jimmy icon. And a Perry icon. And a Lois icon. Because oh, *Lois*.
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you are inhumanly beautiful.



dear bryan singer,

I would totally be your platonic babymama. I'm just saying.

So much love,

P.S. I still would really love the return to Krypton scene.

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Woohoo! Superman Returns on DVD today!

*does a little dance*

Now, the only thing I need to figure out is if the Super Collector's Edition ($50!) (Supes I-IV, the Richard Donner cut of Supes II, Superman Returns, Look Up In the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman, You Will Believe: The Cinematic Saga of Superman)...you know, I was about to say something dumb. So what if I own Supes I and II and Look Up In the Sky...? It's *fourteen discs* including the 2-disc special edition of SR.

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to Fry's I go.

eeeeee! Superman!
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how are you SO AWESOME?

ETA: Nextwave, how are *you* so awesome? "Lick my blinky diodes." *snorfle*

ETA2: Oh, *Jimmy*.
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Dear Alfred, Jim Gordon, and Lucius Fox:

How are you so *awesome*?


P.S. I bet Alfred *loves* Clark. Because anyone who can make Bruce into a snarky bitch is okay by him.

ETA: Wow, I *totally* just went to the Alfred/Lucius place.

you know?

Aug. 9th, 2006 11:17 am
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I totally want to see Superman Returns again.

Also, I think I have now watched the DMC vid so much I can no longer tell if it is any good. Woe. Stupid timing.

And in conclusion: Claaaaaark!

ETA: ...I think I'm going to go buy Superman: The Animated Series now. Weak! I am SO WEAK!


ETA3: Superman dresses up as and pretends to be Batman? *Seriously*?
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I must admit, I get a thrill every. single. time. I hear the Krypton theme or the opening notes of the Superman theme. And I mention this only because my nephew asked if we could watch Look! Up in the Sky... and then Superman II and then Justice League.

Clearly, I am the BEST AUNT EVER.


Him: "If they could have all fit in the spaceship, would they have gone?"
Me: "Probably."
Him: "But not Jor-El, right? Because he promised that he wouldn't."

Y'all, my nephew is seven and a *half* and I've turned him into a canon nazi! I AM THE BEST AUNT EVER.
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Because this is making me nuts every goddamn time I see it )

And as somewhat of an aside: )

My Superman canon consists of the following so far:
Superman: The Movie
Superman II
Superman Returns - movie, novelization, comic adaptation
Look! Up in the Sky...
Kingdom Come
The Death of Superman
Superman: Red Son
Superman: Birthright
Superman: For All Seasons
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Superman/Batman: Supergirl
Superman/Batman: Absolute Power
Batman: Hush
JLA -- assorted collections
Justice League -- the animated show

Also? [livejournal.com profile] anonymous_sybil wrote fic. Which you should read. Yes.
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Ants! Ants have invaded my room! aaaagh! *freaks out*

GIP! Well, triple GIP.


Watched the first longish bit of Look! Up in the Sky... and the bonus materials on Superman: The Movie. Oh, so much awesome. Superpup! Stockard Channing as Lois Lane!

And, in conclusion, CLARK!
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What follows is in no way critical or coherent. Mostly it is me being terribly flaily and full of bored-at-work and highly sleep-deprived squee. Forgive me!

Okay, so I have now seen the movie twice: once in a regular theater and once in IMAX 3D and I want to talk about the latter one a little bit in detail (just for the technical stuff and only about the four sequences of the movie that were in 3D).

I need to say upfront that I'm totally biased in favor of liking Superman because a) he's Superman and thus b) he's totally one of those characters I saw as a kid who influenced *everything* that came after[1]. I love Lois. I love Clark. I love Jimmy and Perry. Up until Smallville, I was a hugely faithful viewer of the Superman texts. I watched George Reeves, I watched Lois and Clark, I watched Superboy. And leaving all the *character* love aside, I love Bryan Singer. More than that, even, I trust Bryan Singer as a director and as a storyteller; he's a fantastic person to have running the show on a superhero movie because he's proven that he can do it and that he can do it with sincerity and deep, abiding love for the characters. So, that puts runners on first and second, with the movie itself stepping up to bat.

And, for me, Superman Returns knocked it out of the park. It had everything I wanted from a Superman movie and, maybe more importantly, it had everything I wanted from a movie about a hero.

Kal-El and Superman )

the supertext )

kick ass! )

a brief, digressive rambling about secret identities and performativity. Yeah, I don't know where it came from either. Also, Clark Kent is teh awesome. )

Everyone else )

And, quite frankly, I think I have gone on long enough but um. Yes. Love! Lots and lots and lots of love.

1 - Superman, Zorro, Robin Hood (specifically Outlaws of Sherwood and even more specifically Marian, Cecily, Little John, Eva, and Sibyl), Dorothy and Ozma, Taran and Eilonwy, Leia and Han and Lando (I um. I totally thought Billy Dee Williams was super hot when I was like, seven, and also he was charming! And yes, he was a dick in ESB, but he was a dick to protect his city and thus I cannot really hate him for it *and* he made up for it later), Red Sonja, Madmartigan and Sorcha, Batgirl from the old tv show, Spider-man and His Amazing Friends, on and on and on.

2 - Movie-verse Batman. The Tim Burtons and Batman Begins.

3 - Pun only intended a little bit. But seriously, the supertext: the official movie guide, the visual companion, various interviews and articles, the novelization, the prequel comics, and Superman 1 and 2.

4 - This whole thing makes me want to be Bryan Singer's platonic babymama. I *love* that he used this movie as a metacommentary on why the character's necessary. It works for me the way Magog's breakdown in Kingdom Come works for me and it's why I don't have a problem (the way many seem to) with the idea of Superman as savior. But then, I actually have way more of a problem with ET as Christ figure, so I may not be entirely reasonable on the subject.
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Saw Superman Returns again (in the company of the Geeky Coworkers) in IMAX 3D.

OMG. OH MY GOD, y'all. The scene where spoiler ) was a-fucking-mazing in 3D. All of the scenes were, but that one in particular was stunning.

And just...he was all good and stoic and pretty and Clark was adorable and wow, *wow* does Jimmy ever have a mancrush on Clark. Not on Superman, but on *Clark*. And oh, Clark. How can people not love Clark? Clark is wonderful and adorable and a total goober and the cutest thing ever with his big grin and wave.

Also? Jason wears AQUAMAN PAJAMAS. Cutest! Thing! Ever!

ETA: Apparently, I got signed up for Premiere and After Effects classes at work! I win at life!
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So, I don't *really* need to see SR again tonight, do I? I mean, I'm going to see it tomorrow. And I don't need to see it again.

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I am going to see Superman Returns tonight and goddammit, I look cute. I have my bedazzled pink Superman logo t-shirt on underneath a black buttondown and I have my glasses (secretly, I am going to work dressed as Clark Kent. I suspect one person will get it) on and I have made a mix! To give to Geekboy Coworker and also for myself.
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So, last night/this morning, my 7-year-old nephew and I watched Superman: The Movie and talked about the theory of relativity, how and why the sun goes down, and the responsibilities of power.

*wins at aunt-hood*

And right before he went to sleep, he turned and said to me, "I like Superman. He's cool." And I said, "I think so, too," and remembered why I love my nephew even though he kicked me in the head while he slept.

And a thought: OMG, I'd forgotten how awesome Superman flirting with Lois is. That whole sequence is just wicked and wry and flirty and *sexy*. And I love, love, love that what makes her fall for him is that he brings her a sense of joy. Anyway, more later, when I finish watching.
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This has been a very Superman-eriffic week. I read Kingdom Come, which negated my need to write that story (except yo, Wonder Woman done lost her *goddamn mind*) and I have to say that um. not!Superman, the other one with the lightning bolt who goes "Shazam!" and then there is lightning? Alternately annoyed the piss out of me and made me cry. As did um. um. oh fuck, like I can remember their names.

I don't know. I liked it. The art was pretty and the story was very much something that felt right to me and, you know, Superman was all sad and conflicted and whatnot and that is...everything.

Let's see, and then I read The Death of Superman, Funeral for a Friend, and Trinity. The first two were um. well. Ultimately pointless -- much like reading the original Dark Phoenix saga if you came in to X-team fandom after it was all resolved -- and the artwork just put me off, but I liked Trinity quite a lot. It was especially interesting coming on the heels of reading Kingdom Come and I find that while I love and adore movie incarnations of Batman (Michael Keaton and Christian Bale) and Batman from his animated series and Batman when he's chilling with Superman and Wonder Woman, I mostly find him irritating in his own comic. But you know, that doesn't especially surprise me. Batman/Bruce Wayne in Kingdom Come was just...really incidental and kind of dull to me in the story itself, though I did like spoiler ).

But yes. I was talking with [livejournal.com profile] glossing a while back about my sketchy and mostly non-existent relationship with the DCU (yeah, me + DCU comics = big no) and I was telling her that I like Batman best not when he's being all Uncle Creepy Badtouch with whatever Robin you choose (lord,I cannot express my complete and *utter* lack of caring for that dynamic which I hesitated to state here 'cause I know some of y'all are totally hardcore about it, but yeah) but when he's being that guy who can't stand for people to die, not when he could prevent it.

Anyway, that's totally a digression about Batman in what is really a post about Superman, 'cause um. Then I spent one evening leafing through the Superman Returns visual guide to the movie while I was on the phone with [livejournal.com profile] latxcvi and I can tell you right now that given the stuff in that book (as well as the stuff [livejournal.com profile] latxcvi was telling me from the novelization) there's not a single chance that I'm going to be remotely sane about that movie. It's like Bryan Singer took every single thing I love about all of my best beloved characters, tossed in a heaping dose of my personal bulletproof (pun only somewhat intentional) story kinks, and then wrapped it all up with a bow of prettiness.

Am I looking forward to PotC 2? Of course I am; it's *Norrington*.

Do I absolutely and sincerely hope that Superman Return kicks PotC 2's ass at the box office? Oh, you better believe I do. From everything that I have read (or had read to me) and seen, there's no one in SR that I'm *not* going to like. With the possible exception of Spacey's Lex Luthor, but I'm supposed to dislike him and he looks fascinating *anyway*. It's an entire movie filled with good people! Good people who do good things and who are not dicks and who are strong and vulnerable and sometimes bitchy and mostly just awesome. Bless, but PotC 2 doesn't stand a *chance* with me. It might if it were the All Norrington All The Time movie and I'm excited like burning that he's a) significant and b) got a story arc and c) is, you know, *Norrington*, but a movie that focuses on the anti-hero is going to lose to a movie that focuses on a hero and I am honest enough to admit that. I am totally and completely biased, but then, I don't actually expect any of this to be a surprise to anyone who reads this journal.

I bought Superman and Superman II; I bought a cd of John Williams and the Boston Pops (he's a hack! He's *such* a hack, my god. I was listening to the suite from The Cowboys or whatever that movie is called and going, "Oh my *god*, John Williams, you didn't even bother to change the melodic line you stole wholesale from Appalachian Spring! You and the flannel-wearing cracker deserve each other!") and it reminded me of all these movie moments I love (the march from Superman, the Princess Leia theme and the opening titles from Star Wars, etc) like when you see the dinosaurs for the first time in Jurassic Park or the first time you see Darth Vader (*shakes fist at George Lucas* How dare you make one of the most iconic villains of all time into a guy that tries and fails to do the anguished "NOOOOO!" and flails around like a goober? Hack. Hack! I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul!).

Um. Dude, I totally lost my train of thought. And honestly, the flannel wearing cracker and John Williams may both be hacks (seriously! stole many a melody from Appalachian Spring! Or Rite of Spring!), but I do not deny that they are brilliant.

But yes, Superman. Superman deserves a post of his own, but I want to say that I am excited as hell that this movie is coming out and that it looks to have that same heart and power of the original movie.

I am totally babbling and I don't care. I want to write fic. I want to dork around a lot. I want to write meta about characters and meta about goodness and heroism, I want to write a post about how all sorts of things should work for me and inexplicably don't, and just...stuff. I don't know. I am tired and flaily and giddy and I bought new shoes and some t-shirts.

St Elsewhere by Gnarls Barkley is an awesome, awesome cd. I am enjoying the hell out of it. Also? Maynard is a sick freak and I love him.

That is all. Thank you and drive through.


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