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Before I get to the Viva La Jackass bits:



The problem with me and bandom is that I came into bandom after mainlining Viva La Bam/Jackass. I suspect this is why fic I write involves affectionate use of pet names like "asshole" and "fucker" and people doing dumb ass shit to each other. Also why there is a lot of punching or threatening to punch people in the face. My sense of humor is similar to that of a teenaged boy. Or Johnny Knoxville. Sometimes, I really really really badly want to vid Viva La Bam/Jackass. I think it would be fun.

anyway. What I'm basically saying here is that I really like when boys are stupid and giggly. )
Sometimes, I am kind of amazed by the incredibly stupid shit boys will do to one another.

I remain perplexed by people who do not find Ray Toro hot. Because you guys, seriously. Ray motherfucking Toro.

There's a bigger version behind the cut. Also more pictures. Of Archie and Jughead Ray Toro's Awesome Thighs.

There are a metric fuck ton of pictures behind this cut. All of Ray Toro. Except for the two that are of Bob. )
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So, apparently I must download the last ep of Unholy Union because Dunn says something along the lines of, "Legally, I can't put my penis in you anymore," while he's got his arm slung around Bam's shoulder and Bam just cracks up laughing.

I heart them so! Bam! Dunn! They are soinlove! It makes me kind of sad that Bam is married now and that I cannot go there.

Also, Steve-O and Chris Pontius do a gum commercial! It is made of adorable.
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Getting back into the swing of things is difficult. Baby steps. *Shallow* baby steps. And it's really not that I stopped being fannish over the timeout so much as it was that I reevaluated much of a) how I respond to fannish texts and b) how I respond to fandom in general. That is, possibly, a post for another time. But I will say that things have changed. A little. Maybe.

I digress.

Y'all, Patrick Stump is smart, talented, and hot like a girl[1]. He is, in fact, hot enough that I am considering going to a Fall Out Boy concert at the Pond in May. I'm 27 years old. As fun and awesome as I find their music, I fear going to a concert full of over enthusiastic emo teenies. This is why [livejournal.com profile] annavtree needs to be west side (*gang sign*). Also because she is evil and worked her evil wiles. And also because she is adorable and awesome. Whatever. I got her with Supes, she got me with Patrick Stump. I consider it a fair trade.

More on the subject of Patrick Stump And How He is Incredibly Hot:
mimesere: curse you! *fist of fury*
bballespresso: what?
bballespresso: what did I do?
bballespresso: besides pimp you into this fandom to begin with?
mimesere: that!
mimesere: that is what you did!
bballespresso: it's not my fault patrick is a lesbian
mimesere: it *is*
mimesere: *blames you irrationally for patrick's dykeyness*
bballespresso: hahahaha
mimesere: mmmmm drumming
bballespresso: it's kinda awesome isn't it?
mimesere: ...
mimesere: patrick needs to do me right now. or sing. or both.
bballespresso: he can just sing for me
mimesere: awwww, shirtless andy!
bballespresso: I don't want to sleep with lesbians

and then:

bballespresso: god, he is so gay
bballespresso: he's singing showtunes!
mimesere: my sekrit lesbian girlfriend?
bballespresso: yes
mimesere: yay!
bballespresso: your sekrit lesbian girlfriend is gay
bballespresso: and by gay I mean he likes boys
mimesere: except for how he is sekritly a lesbian!

Other boys I currently love like burning include:
-Roy Harper (not a lesbian). Because seriously. How awesome is Roy? His immediate response to Hawkgirl, complete with mace, is: "Pretty bird." I believe he should immediately have sex with Zinda (cracktastical OTP represent!), Dinah, Kendra!Hawkgirl (if he won't be horribly killed by Carter), Donna, and Wondy. I *really* think he should have immediate hot sexin' with Wondy. As it would be mutually fun. Someone who is not me -- like, say, [livejournal.com profile] juleskicks or [livejournal.com profile] pearl_o -- should write that. Because seriously. Wondy + Roy. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?

-Nathan Petrelli (also not a lesbian). Um. Um. COULD HE BE MORE MY CRACK? I do not think that he could. I loved him before (no, really?), but the latest run of eps on Heroes made that love grow exponentially with like, every second he was on my screen. Oh, Nathan. *hearts* [2]

-Ryan Dunn (not a lesbian, but totally gay. [livejournal.com profile] thelionforreal has convinced me of How Out He Is). Hah. Bet you thought I'd gotten over that, what with Dunn TRAGICALLY NOT BEING IN UNHOLY UNION. But no. Because this week's ep, with its two seconds of SHEER OTP AWESOME, was wonderful. Also, he will be in next week. Yay Dunn! I believe utterly that he and Bam have broken up (amicably) and that Dunn and Knoxville are currently hittin' it like gangbusters.

-Mike Celucci (still not a lesbian, but awesome nonetheless). Um. Yeah. He's a bitchy stoic cop! Also, he has the incredibly good taste to want to hit it with Vicki Nelson, who is a bitchy, stoic, former cop turned detective! Oh, wacky canadian supernatural beastie fighting cops. Hopefully, Mike will follow the book trajectory and become so awesome I could die.

Anyway. Music!
Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
If I Ever Fall In Love (a capella) - Shai
Myxomatosis (Judge, Jury, & Executioner) - Radiohead
Each Day Gets Better - John Legend
Showbiz - Muse
Earth Angel - Death Cab for Cutie
Roxanne - Fall Out Boy
Everyday Girl - DJ Rap

[1] Which is, at least for me, different that being hot like a boy. Hot boys I look at and not want to do them. Hot *girls* I look at and go, "DO ME DO ME DO ME." This is possibly TMI, but there you go. Hot as I find Ryan Dunn? I don't want him to do me. Jaime Ray Newman can have me any which way she wants. Patrick Stump is hot like a girl. Hot hot hot.

[2] There is something, I think, to be said about Nathan and Hiro and why they, separately and especially together, ping my buttons hard. But that can wait for whenever I get around to talking about Sheila's Pairing Dynamics and You - A Rough Guide to Pimping. Because...seriously, y'all. I'm so easy it's not even funny.

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Oh, Bam. Oh, Bam.

Missi, run now. Even Ape, Phil, and Dunn are not worth the hell your life will become as Bam's beard.

For those that are interested, Bam's Unholy Union premieres tomorrow night at 9:30 on MTV.
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I have come to the conclusion that I am a very stupid watcher of vids.

Or perhaps not stupid, but a very...obvious watcher of vids. Or something. I don't know. I fail to understand what I am supposed to get out of some vids and it frustrates the hell out of me because other people seem to not only understand what the vidder is trying to convey, but they can like, do analysis on the how of it all. Meanwhile, I am still going, "I don't get it. What...? Huh? I...why?" and then there is much head-scratching and plaintive, "Help me, I do not understand!" Except I never say that to people I don't know because I have this morbid fear of being thought stupid.

The flip side of this is when I watch a vid and go, "...yeah, and?" Which is...yeah. Okay, so sometimes I watch a vid and fail utterly to grasp the point. Other times I watch the vid and it tells me nothing I didn't understand about the text from the text itself[1]. Pretty much this covers about 70-80% of vids for me.

And you know, I totally understand that I vid...er. Functionally. But then, I totally construct vids like I am making an argument. So there's a thesis and there's a primary text with supporting evidence and there is an outside text which supports the thesis and it is all very...functional. And lord knows, I try to make it *pretty*, because who wants to watch something that is not pretty? But...yeah. And I'm not usually trying to say something deep (and god knows, my theses are usually something like, "OMG XYZ IS SO AWESOME I COULD DIE!"), but I like to think that I get at least the OMG SO AWESOME across a little.

So, I dunno. I think I would rather watching something that is maybe not technically brilliant but which communicates effectively than something that *is* technically brilliant which fails to convey its message *to me*. I feel this way about commercials and regular music videos and pretty much everything I watch. Your vid/movie/music video/television episode/commercial/dance/random performance may be the best edited, most beautifully written/scored/filmed/choreographed whatever, but if I don't get what you are trying to tell me, then I'm not interested. At bare minimum, I should be entertained by *something*. I am not so much entertained by confusion.

I want to understand! I *really really* want to understand! And if I don't understand, I'm going to assume that it's a failing on my part, but -- and here's the thing -- I'm not going to watch any more vids by that person. Because I do not actually like feeling stupid and I tend not to invite that feeling on any more than I need to.

Anyway. Structureless and incoherent rambling!

ETA: Seriously, my favorite Bam and Dunn/VLB clip evah. They are so adorable!

The Jackass 2 opening. With bulls.

Jackass 2: Party Boy Bollywood

A Shaun White video, with a brief appearance by Tony Hawk.

[1] Sometimes I am totally down with this, as in when I am watching Bam/Dunn 'shippy vids which are largely not technically brilliant, but by *god*, they're effective at showing me how fucking adorable those guys are together. But. I think there is a difference between a vid that is showing you something you already know in a kind of celebratory way and a vid that is showing you something you already know but thinks it is telling you something new. And while I might find the latter type kind of boring, at least I understand what they are trying to tell me and thus I do not get really frustrated and start feeling dumb and become really hostile.
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I think I would like to compile clips of the supergay Jackass/Viva La Bam/Wild Boyz sketches. Or, you know, just the ones that are hugely entertaining.

But yes. First up!

2x04 (second half of ep): notable for Knoxville being hot in glasses, Steve-O getting a full body wax, the meter fairy, and the entire reason for this post at 4:43 or so -- Party Boy UK. Oh, Party Boy. Bucket cars, an x-ray...why is there...ah. Bam broke himself.

Okay, dudes, seriously, this is a good bit to watch to get a decent idea of what Jackass is all about. It's not too extreme, there's no gross out bits, and it focuses on The Incredibly Stupid Things Boys With No Self Preservation Instincts At All Will Do To Themselves.

Also, Party Boy UK, which is definitely in my top 10 favorite sketches from the Jackassian oeuvre. I'm telling you, it's the *giggling*.

Anyway. I dunno. Any others?
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Well, okay, first of all? I have totally developed a greater appreciation for Chris Pontius and his dirty, dirty grin and penchant for nudity. Er. And Johnny Knoxville. Who gets hotter and hotter with every incredibly stupid and physically punishing thing he does to himself.

Second, the commentary on volume 3 is...pretty much about how they are all really gay for each other.

Because um. Yeah.

Knoxville: "Bam, you've got a tight, firm ass. You should let everyone have a feel."
Dunn: "I've been in a relationship with him for 11 years. I'm first in line, you fucking dick."

I am seriously considering making a post about Jackass and how it's not about...embarrassment at all. Because they're *not* embarrassed and so, for me, it doesn't trigger that discomfort that humliation-based humor does.

oh lord, I am SO CHARMED by Knoxville's giggling. And Wee Man's smiling. And Shaq thinking it's all just the funniest thing he's ever seen.


Jan. 12th, 2007 09:55 pm
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the Jackass 2 soundtrack is actually good. I have to give *mad* props to the people on music duty for that movie (including Knoxville himself).

ETA: AHAHAHA. On the show? They did a human bullseye sketch to "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." This fandom is for *win*.

because yo, it is a show about dumb boys doing dumb boy things while also being gayer than a treeful ofmonkeys on nitrous oxide.

And what's *really sad*? Is I bet the guys of Jackass (particularly Steve-O and Chris Pontius) would think climbing into a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide was the BEST IDEA EVER.

Dunn and Bam continue to be amazingly adorable. I rarely say OMG SO GAY and mean it? But Bam Margera = OMG SO GAY and then some. Bam is gay like Lance. And Dunn is his Joey. With a side of timbertrick for that fucking around like stupid boys and laughing hysterically flavor.
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That sadly turned out to be false.

mimesere: OMG, AMY!
rockstarfoxlet: mrow?
mimesere: oh, never mind. they do not.
rockstarfoxlet: how was it going to be?
mimesere: "Former Big Brother editor Jeff Tremaine noticed Bam's videos..."
rockstarfoxlet: heeeee
mimesere: it turns out Big Brother is also the name of a skateboarding magazine
rockstarfoxlet: huh.
rockstarfoxlet: that would've rocked

Though now I would totally be all over a Viva la Jackass version of the BB house. It would pretty much be exactly like Viva la Jackass, except they couldn't leave. Though there would probably be less snakes and more lounging around by a pool semi-naked and gay.

ETA: Also? I would imagine that like, half the fun of writing Viva la Jackass fic would be coming up with stupid crap for them to do. "Let's attach rockets to our feet and see if we can fly!" and "I saw this on a cartoon once, I bet it'd be TOTALLY KICK ASS!" And then there would be hurt and, like jelly follows peanut butter, there'd be comfort. And mockery for being a lameass.
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Can we tell who my personal favorite is? I know it is difficult, because I am so subtle and in no way completely obvious.

bam and dunn, dunn and knoxville, and an adorable group photoshoot )

And now I go back to reading Cursor's Fury. Woo woo.
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The Gay Disclaimer as given by Bam Margera (mov)

I can't stop giggling at Bam's wacky accent.

jackass 2

Dec. 30th, 2006 11:51 pm
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...that was the gayest movie I have ever, ever seen. It was so gay they filmed a gay disclaimer. I am not even kidding a little bit.

I. I don't even know what to say. And holy shit, what is with the naked gay bathhouse picture?

For what it is worth, I liked this one better than the first, though my coworkers are in for a rude fucking surprise, 'cause they think it has less naked and less penis. That is...no. I think I saw more penis in this movie than I did in that one horrifying gay porno with the wrench/cockring.

It has a gay disclaimer.

Also? This proves my theory that any text can be greatly improved with a song and dance number.

[livejournal.com profile] arallara, [livejournal.com profile] thelionforreal, you have to see it.

My secondary OTP is totally Knoxville/Dunn, man. Dunn is totally fucking hotass.
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You know what's glorious about watching Viva La Bam and coming out of fandom (particularly popslash)?

When you see the guys dressed up in full on Civil War gear or committing mutiny on the Bounty (no, really) or whatever, my first second thought is, "I bet that would make an awesome AU." My first thought is usually, "Fuck, that's hot." And I'm not talking like, actual decent AUs, I'm talking like, cracktacular time traveling AUs where a bunch of rowdy guys from the future decide to go fuck with the Civil War. Or the PotC crossover where it's all Captain Bam Margera vs Captain Jack Sparrow to see who has the most hardcore pirate crew ever.

Then there's vampire and monster slayage. But that's just a given.

...there was also a thing about hobbits, but we're not going to discuss that (except to say that I swear to god, there's actual canonical reason for me to go there).

Hi, I am going to go rent/buy/whatever Jackass Number 2 and go see Children of Men. I have the best taste ever!

ETA: For what it is worth, I think Ryan Dunn could outdrink both Jack and Gibbs. And then he'd talk a lot of shit about going over a waterfall in a barrel.

castle bam

Dec. 20th, 2006 11:38 pm
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Aside from Bam and his family and friends getting a castle to live in (with a unicorn mural! Not to sound queer or nothing, but I think unicorns really kick ass), and Bam being both the best and worst son in the WORLD, I have to say that a highlight of this episode is where Dunn (to avoid mixing up Ryan Dunn who is Bam's Awesome Hetero Lifemate and Jason Dunn who is a Guy I Know, I am just going to refer to him by the last name) gets pushed out of the Hummer and then Bam brushes the snow off him and gives him a hug. And Dunn says, "Heee. You just gave me a hug."



I covet Dunn's fabulous rainbow scarf.

ETA: How much do I love that Bam has clearly seen and liked Orgazmo? Okay, yes. Jackass 1&2 from Blockbuster tonight and Haggard if I can find it.
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So it turns out that embarrassment isn't actually an emotional state that lasts very long with me. Because...excepting the possibility of a Teyla-and/or-Ronon centric ep of SGA? I have totally replaced that show with being a crazyperson for Viva la freaking Bam.

I blame [livejournal.com profile] sexonastick entirely. Her and her vid pimping crackdealing ways. *shakes fist, but halfheartedly*

It's one of those things where I can just sit back and enjoy Stupid Boys Doing Incredibly Stupid Things And The Equally Stupid Boys Who Love Them and the random property destruction and the incredibly blatant gay and boys laughing so hard they fall over and hugging and the best parents in the *world* and finding out that Bam Margera likes wearing low-slung pants and eyeliner and is a little bit sweet and that his boyfriend Ryan is all...charming in a very boylike way.

And, you know, if I'm gonna be in a fandom where I'm told repeatedly that the guys are so married omg, I should at least get the pleasure of seeing it and not being irked by it. And hey! In Viva La Bam? Bam and Ryan are SO MARRIED OMG. They hug and pat each other on the ass and share a bed and hold hands. They are very affectionate. It is like popslash all over again, except instead of singing and dancing, there is skateboarding and gleefully masochistic stupidity.

Also? I greatly appreciate that [livejournal.com profile] jennyo, [livejournal.com profile] annavtree, and [livejournal.com profile] norabombay are all super awesome and humor me by watching youtube clips and vids and suchlike.
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Are Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn *really* that gay?

Because dude. *Dude*.

ETA: Dude, I think I just pimped myself into being a tinhat about people on a show *I have never seen*. So um, this movie. Haggard. Is it...as gay as it looks? Because yo. With the...yeah.

Like, okay, as far as I can tell, Bam Margera/Ryan Dunn is all about a gay waifish skateboarder and his slightly beefier boyfriend who do dumb boy things and sleep together and sometimes hold hands and make out. I am not lying when I say this is the MOST COMPELLING SLASH I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS. It is amazingly super remarkably gay.

I um. Also find Jason Dunn to be inexplicably attractive.

But no! seriously! These are far and away the best pimping videos I have ever seen. DUDE, ARE THEY MAKING OUT? HOLY CRAP! AND SHARING A BED? SERIOUSLY?


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