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we had to replace the wax ring on our toilet today. as we did so, we discovered that the closet flange was no longer really cemented to the floor /o\

eta: then we learned that either we had a cast iron pipe (fail to the tune of $500-800) or we needed an adjustable flange (fail to the tune of about $10-30). I know which one I'm hoping for and I'm glad we caught this before it totally broke, but hey, funtimes, yeah? /o\ x100000000.

in happier news, Aladdin is still the handsomest of the Disney heroes and Jasmine is the prettiest of the heroines. Lilo and Stitch remains my favorite Disney movie. Into the Woods is really long. Leverage is the awesomest. And I am, so far, really enjoying my foray into the space navy of Honor Harrington.

I would like to put out there that I could totes go for a crossover where Honor Harrington and Norrington team up to fight space pirates.

eta2: also, I have no toilet right now.
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grown up stuff is hard. especially coupled as it is with laziness and being anti social. As for example!

1) Nerdtopia now has an extra freezer. Why? The primary reasons are twfold:
a) So we can buy a 1/4 of a cow and thus have various cuts of meat for aaaaaaages.
b) Fewer trips to costco.

The boything will say that the other reason we got it was so he could have giant tubs of ice cream, which barely fit in the freezer we had before.

I will say that the other reason we got it is so I can pre-make things like casseroles and cookie dough and biscuits and chicken broth and save things like vegetable ends for the making of the aforementioned chicken broth.

We are also trying exciting adventures in preparing ziplock bags of meat in combinations we use frequently. So about 1/2 lb of ground turkey, some strips of bacon, and half a kielbasa sausage thing for when we make chili. We are seeing if this helps with the prep time later on.

Um, on a similar note: seriously, what do I *do* with ground meat? Chili, meatloaf, salisbury steak, meatballs, spaghetti sauce, sloppy joes...we eat them all and they are all delicious, but my brain, it is running out of things to make.

2) We also have a new dishwasher. The dishwasher that came with the house worked, but kind of sucked. Then it started leaking, we think because it was improperly installed. So then we stopped using it and it turned out to be a decent drying rack for dishes. However it also turns out that while my mom and family never use dishwashers, I am just lazy enough to not want to wash the ninety BILLION dishes we somehow generate in a very small amount of time.

3) I also bought a bin for flour. And one for sugar /o\ Because apparently i cannot stop baking. And also 40 lbs of multigrain allpurpose flour and 25 lbs of sugar to fill them.
/o\ x100000000.

4) We went to the farmer's market for the first time, since we have mutually decided to incorporate more vegetables into our lives. Me for the iron and the general desire to be healthier and him 'cause uh, well. 'Cause he likes them, coupled with some form of meat and also salt. Things were so cheap! Also, I got apple butter! and some tasty rosemary sourdough. and some delicious delicious orange juice. Anyway. Lots of stuff, all of it looked good, and we're going to go back when we've run out of the stuff we already bought. But there were lots of people and I maybe got a little overstimulated.

5) I have bought many cookbooks! And by many, I mean 4. Two by Alton Brown (I'm Just Here for the Food and I'm Just Here for More Food, which are less cookbooks and more like a handy guide into HOW cooking and baking work, a Better Homes and Gardens one that was on sale in the bargain section of Borders, and also The Pioneer Woman Cooks. 'cause uh, she makes food that the boything likes and also that I like because there are pictures of what the stages should look like. I'm thinking I might try the America's Test Kitchen books next. Or that How to Cook Everything book. Or I shall just continue to use allrecipes.com.

Um. That is it, really. Hi guys, how are you?

also, video game rec, for the no one that is interested:

Borderlands is a FPS/RP hybrid in the style of Diablo II. Apparently what this means is that it is addictive like crack and has randomized loot.


Apr. 12th, 2009 11:19 pm
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did not get my keys on friday, thus wasting this weekend and all the prep we had done.

the reason for not getting the keys is, essentially, that the lender sent us a request for a piece of paper they didn't need at 12:30, we got it to them by 12:45, and they closed at 1. I'm so furious about it, I don't even have words. Our finance guy was upset, our real estate agent cried and said this was the worst escrow she's ever been involved with, and I spent a few hours wanting to punch people in the face.

However, we have been told that Monday, FOR SURE, will be the day. Of course, we were told this on 3/18, 3/31, 4/3, and 4/10 as well. But hopefully the lender won't screw us again and we can move.

FYI: the 6x5 Expedit bookcase from Ikea is amazing and wonderful, but a pain in the ass to move.
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Does anyone have strong opinions on electric ranges?

I'm looking at either the Maytag or the Kenmore double oven electric range, and cannot decide which one is better.

Maytag! http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_02260419000P?vName=Appliances&cName=Ranges&sName=Freestanding

Kenmore! http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_02298019000P?vName=&cName=&sName=&mv=cmp

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures! Up next it is the Washing Machine Showdown.
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put in my time off requests for escrow closing day and the couple days after for cleaning/moving purposes -

also put in my time off request for Comic Con. WOOO COMIC CON. IT'S ONLY 5 MONTHS AWAY, YOU GUYS. THAT'S PRACTICALLY TOMORROW.
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Are the Republicans EVEN TRYING to help with the economic crisis? WTAF.

In other news, we got the new place! and possibly got out of contract with the old place! so...fingers crossed? Everything looks good to close escrow by mid-March, barring unforeseen shenanigans with the inspections. So I'll be moving out in time for new year :) that's awesome.
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ahahahaha so the saga of home ownership continues on its wacky little way.

Property #1: the place that is approved! yay! Also the place where the escrow company is trying to jerk us around with costs! boo! luckily, our real estate lady is kind of scary and is a) talking them out of charging 2 or 3 times what the normal escrow rates are and/or b) pricing other escrow companies and/or c) going to tell these people go jump off a cliff. Which is good in certain ways, as she is looking out for us, and bad in others, as in this is very very stressful. This property also needs a fair amount of work, none of which I have money for.

Property #2: the place that we first fell in love with, put in 2 offers on, both of which we were the second best offer. It requires no work at ALL, has upgraded flooring and a nice kitchen. Downside is that they have some person we have to be prequalified through, which has apparently jacked the first two offers they had. We, of course, put in an offer on it, because it would be about the same price but requires no work at all. And it's in a better location.

I'm going a little crazy. But here's hoping. Tonight I'm packing dvds! And possibly some cables and stuff.

Also wtf, SoCal, whither the rain and the freezing temperatures?
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taxes = depressing. stupid capital gains.

escrow papers = nerve wracking. stupid official county paperwork.

loan documents = also nerve wracking, though our mortage guy is amazing.

me = panicked and stressed. excitement and happiness comes after everything is done.

otoh, we started packing last night.


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