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This will amuse like, two people.

[livejournal.com profile] fox1013 said:
I just added Feedback on MySpace here. I would like to encourage any of you who watch to go check that site out, if only because he lists his occupation as "Superhero" and basically he is so cute I could die.

Guys, he's so sincere! So genuinely sincere! But in a really good, self-aware way that makes me love him!

(mimesere, is this how Gerard Way makes you feel? And if so, I think you should write a crossover.)

So I did. Gerard Way and Feedback at Comic Con 2007. )

And, because Amy is EVIL.

rockstarfoxlet: know what I think you should do?
rockstarfoxlet: Either manip, or make someone manip for you, a picture of Gerard Way as a superhero with Stan Lee
mimesere: heeee
mimesere: I was actually just thinking I would kind of love to see a bandom superheroes fic
mimesere: 'cause I have a Rock Stars for Justice icon. where FOB is dressed up as superheroes
rockstarfoxlet: do it
rockstarfoxlet: doooooooo it
mimesere: but yes. I think I would love a Gerard as superhero icon.
MCR as superheroes. )

bonus FOB action )
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I did, of course, get pictures. but now my camera is dead so I cannot show it to you. Blacklava is at Comic Con, so I think I am getting a "Got Privilege?" shirt and a ticky box "Other" shirt. Or possibily a mixed shirt.

Get Smart looks so good you guys. The rock is v. v. pretty. Also, the first movie posters for Watchmen. Which I have two of. I'm still ridiculously excited about my Sweeney Todd poster. And um, I got lots of pictures!

And now the hardest question of all: in the interest of maybe possibly meeting Gerard Way, what is a better t-shirt idea? "Emo Kids Eat Babies" or "Girls Read Comics Too"?

...or: "Daily Planet", Flash logo, "Metropolis: City of Tomorrow", "Slosho", Iron Man logo, "KAOS/Control", or "Don't Sleep."

Also! Height of class: Daiquiri/Margarita in a pouch.
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Superman: Doomsday - Adam Baldwin voicing Supes, Marsters as Lex, Anne Heche as Lois. LOIS KICKED ASS, YOU GUYS. She was so totally the best part of that movie. Because she is Lois and therefore MADE OF WIN. Lex was very very very very very very gay. Very gay. OMG gay. Not even slashy, because it was that gay. um. Pretty much that is what I took away from the movie. Not in love with the art style Timm adopted for it, but I am picky. [livejournal.com profile] latxcvi, they totally busted out Mullet!Superman for you.

Justice League: New Frontier - LOOKS TOTALLY AMAZING. Kyle McLachlan as Supes, Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman, Jeremy Sisto as Bats (Timm says we will *lose our shit* the first time we hear him do it), Neil Patrick Harris as Flash (YAY FLASH YAY YAY YAY), David Boreanaz as Hal Jordan. It looks *awesome*.

Zachary Quinto is Spock AND SO IS LEONARD NIMOY HI LEONARD NIMOY HI HI HI. 1-18-08 looks totally amazing (not the real name of the movie, which is currently title-less); Spiderwick Chronicles has no soul; the clip of Stardust they showed also seemed to have no soul; IRON MAN ROCKED and I say this as a person who basically thinks Tony Stark is a ginormous douche who got his boyfriend killed; Hot Rod was *totally* charming in the clip it showed; Drillbit Taylor (the new Judd Apatow) looked hysterically funny; Beowulf kinda rocked. If I could remember the first sixteen lines in the rockin' old English, I totally would have gone up and asked. But sadly, all I can remember is the prologue to Canterbury Tales in middle. We scored t-shirts (1-18-08, Iron Man, Star Trek), and posters (Sweeney Todd IS A MUSICAL Y'ALL IT IS A TIM BURTON MUSICAL STARRING JOHNNY DEPP, Star Trek, an Iron Man concept sketch, and I swear there was more but I cannot remember it now).

Then we went shopping and I bought two shirts (a Daily Planet staff shirt and a sparkly Flash logo. I think I may go back for GCPD: SWAT, The Tick Society, and a Wonder Woman shirt). I was cruelly thwarted in my quest for a Shayera, but I will prevail, oh yes, I will. We also went to the Heroes booth and now I am stylishly rockin' a Vote Petrelli button. Um. I took pictures but the cord to connect to my computer is totally in the car. Um, um, what else? We entered the Heroes drawing for a lunch box, Amy totally gave me her ticket for Gerard Way possibly getting in -- on the plus side, if I don't get in, I can totally go to Heroes. And if I do, then YAY GERARD WAY. We're planning to go back, as the chances of them remembering us are slim to none. We got ARCs for an awesome graphic novel with no words and also got posters for it. Um. um. other stuff. We kept getting distracted by shiny things. I have an adorable picture of Amy with muppets. And kickin' pictures of Mr. Terrific, Vixen, and Bats and then one of Mary Marvel and Zatanna. Oh oh and one of me with like, porn star Superman or something. It's awesome.

We got sort of drunk at Dick's Last Resort. The most recent phone post includes our waiter talking for a bit, because he was made of awesomeness. My lemonade with alchohol in was v. v. tasty. Then we sobered up and that was less super. Tomorrow is muppet day, so Amy and I are coordinating our outfits. She is going on a Muppet World Tour and I am Representin' The Street. We are pretty much made of win.

We put off the blood giving until Sunday as um, by the time we made it off the sales floor it was time for food.

ETA: oh my *god*, I'd forgotten how FABULOUS a shower with actual water pressure is.
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Music for Geeks at a Con. Yes, Amy and I are nerdcore enough TO HAVE A MIX.

Our official theme song, combining many of our favorite things! Like Big Daddy Samuel L Motherfucking Jackson! Snakes! Genetically mutated snakes on a plane! and also AHAHAHA COBRA STARSHIP!
Snakes on a Plane (Bring It) - Cobra Starship

Superman and Green Lantern ain't got nothing on us.
Sunshine Superman - Donovan

I'm just saying, you've gotta kind of respect a band that rhymes erotic with atomic.
Superhero Girl - Eve 6

This song is too good to be true.
Believe It or Not (theme from The Greatest American Hero) - Joey Scarbury

Our capes are at the cleaners!
Supahero - Aceyalone and RJD2

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, God said, "let there be Comic Con," and there was, and it was good.
Science Fiction Double Feature - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (from The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show)

Here comes Superman from Never Never Land
Cartoon Heroes - Aqua

We are *totally* kings of the impossible.
Flash! - Queen

Use that evidence. The evidence of SUPERNESS. HI, I AM TOTALLY MADE OF CHEESE.
My Hero - Foo Fighters

We are super and we can do anything.
Superman - The Academy Is...

This video = SO MUCH MORE HILARIOUS now that I know who the hell these people are. OH TRAVIS YOU ARE SO ADORABLE. YOU CANNOT RAP BUT YOU ARE ADORABLE.
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-Dude, Saturday one-day memberships are allllll sold out.

-Gerard Way won the poll pretty damn handily, so on Preview Night, I shall haul myself over to the Dark Horse booth and ask how one would obtain tickets for the Umbrella Academy signing. Hopefully, I will not come off like too much of a tool.

-I can't tell if I want Isaiah Washington to be at the Bionic Woman panel or not. Because on the one hand, OH MY GOD, I WANT TO GO HECKLE. On the other, the Bionic Woman panel is up against many many things of awesomeness.

-Trapped in the Closet comes out tomorrow! Good times! it will be very very hard not to watch/listen to it before I get to see Amy.

-Hilarity is Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg in the "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" video.

-[livejournal.com profile] thelionforreal is a wily pimp and has told me I must watch John from Cincinnatti. It is really good, y'all. *shakes fist*

-One of the advantages of going to preview night is that I will get the happy schedule and Amy and I can spend a lot of time being kind of crazy and obsessively highlighting things.

-Adam Baldwin plays Superman and James Marsters plays Lex and Anne Heche plays Lois in Superman: Doomsday. I...am not sure I'm pleased about any of that.

-The BtVS 10th Anniversary celebration at Comic Con involves OMWF. SO MUCH GOOD STUFF THIS YEAR OMG.
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Why you gotta hate?

Yours in sulkiness,

Seriously, I HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN HEROES AND GERARD WAY? It wasn't bad enough that I had to choose between Heroes and heckling LKH? THAT WASN'T MEAN ENOUGH? Hey! How about that Eureka vs Boondocks conflict? Not enough woe?

well. Okay. I will. I. I. I cannot make hard choices like this!


[Poll #1025380]

...this is totally not super, Comic Con. NOT SUPER AT ALL.

T-minus five days. Yes, I think I am going to use comic/hero icons all week.
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T-minus 5.5 days to Weekend of Geekery + Amy.

Y'all, I am sad! As of right now, I have no one to go to Preview Night with. Is anyone going to Preview Night or anyone who has the 4 (or 3) day pass who wasn't planning to go because they, like me, were all sad and lonely? Come with me! It's Preview Night! There is stuff! And shopping! And planning out plans of attack for later shopping/stalking/swag receiving missions!

Dear Gerard Way,

Please come to CCI again this year. It will be fabulous. I promise not to be scary.


Dear BB-guy Howie,

Please to come to CCI this year to shill for Master Replicas. We promise to...well, mock you. But it will be done with love.

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Dude, the 4-day passes are sold out already? Preliminary OMG I WANT schedule.

Thursday )

Friday, not done looking at the schedule )

Saturday )

Sunday )
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Whyfor must Projekt Revolution and Comic Con conflict? It is the same audience, guys! And by "the same audience," clearly I mean me.

Also, this *significantly* lowers the chances that Gerard will be at Comic Con to pimp his comic book (I could have seen him last year! But I...wouldn't have cared last year and also I was attempting to stalk Brandon Routh, because well. He was there for WoW! Doesn't Gerard play WoW[1]? Now I am totally imagining that Gerard and Brandon Routh are in the same guild and do like, dungeon runs together. Why? Because there's nothing more adorable than hot guys doing geeky things.) But maybe he can be there on Thursday. I mean, San Bernardino and San Diego aren't that far apart from each other! *pretends fiercely*


I have keyworded this icon: "gerard way will EAT YOUR SOUL." Because he will.

ETA: Also, if anyone wanted to come keep me company for a bit on AIM (mimesere), that would be awesome. My homework is mindnumbingly dull and I do it only because...uh. Frankly 'cause I have nothing else to do. And hopefully I will get out of class early enough to make it home in time for the Heroes finale. Right now, me and [livejournal.com profile] ladysorka are discussing the Emo Allstar WoW guild. Because it's hilarious.

ETA2: We have now moved on to the Guitar Hero Tournament. Because Joe is *by god* gonna win the title of Rock Guitar God from Ray (just that awesome) and Patrick (who tends to win largely on sheer volume of knowledge). Ryan is there solely to defend his band's honor and Frankie thinks the whole thing is hilarious. Meanwhile, Andy, Bob, and Spencer sit around and sulk because they want to compete for title of Rock Drummer God but they are being thwarted in their ambitions.

ETA3: Sadly, AIMexpress crashed and took the Brendon vs JWalk vs Patrick battle of I Play Multiple Instruments and Am Really Really Hot with it. It involved a lot of Patrick wanting to kill Brendon with the power of his mind, Brendon smirking a lot, and JWalk being very chill. At one point, Brendon gets perilously close to saying, "I AM A GOLDEN GOD!" Possibly there was also sulking on everyone's part because no one will let Patrick hit Brendon, even though he really deserves it, and Brendon lost, which hey, the judges are TOTALLY BIASED, okay, and they can't all be sleeping with the judges, now can they, Patrick? Then Pete sits on Patrick to prevent Patrick from leaping over two pianos and assorted other instruments to kill Brendon and Patrick's like, "No, I'm fine. I'm fine! Pete, seriously. I'm fine." and Pete's all, "Uh huh, sure. You know the label will kill you if you kill him." And Patrick's like, "I'm not going to kill Brendon! God!" and Pete is still giving him dubious face and Patrick's all, "I'm not! I'll just, you know, it's not like he needs his legs to be able to sing."

I have no idea why I have decided that Patrick vs Brendon would degenerate into bitchy and violent competition, but I totally think it would. Jon Walker, meanwhile, cedes the competition as being Too Crazy For Him and he joins the guys who are putting money down on Just How Much Patrick Will Hurt Brendon. Ryan Ross is all, "You don't know that! Brendon can--" and Andy and Joe are like, "HA! No." And Gerard and Frankie just sort of nod, because dude, yes, they got ringside seats during Warped, and even Spencer, that traitor, is like, "I'm pretty sure Patrick could take Brendon." Then Ryan sulks and writes nasty things about everyone in his notebook.

Yeah, I have no idea.

[1] *someone* related to FOB or MCR plays WoW, I distinctly remember reading/hearing that.
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Is there a place in SD (pretty much anywhere) that does RHPS?

or rather, is there a place that will be doing RHPS during Comic Con?
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So, my first act on probably-just-a-week of Sheila was to register for Comic Con 2007. WOO I AM GOING TO COMIC CON! I GET TO HAVE AN AMY FOR FOUR WHOLE DAYS! I AM THE LUCKIEST ME IN THE WORLD!

*cough* Not that I'm excited or anything.

We will get to do stuff! Like the Queers in Comics mixer! and Cinnabon at Horton Plaza! and Sci Friday (I don't even watch anything *on* Sci Friday right now, but I will go! Because it's Sci Friday with a bunch of geeks and therefore awesome)! Shopping! More shopping! Panels! It is Geek Heaven! Woo!

I WILL GET TO HECKLE LAURELL K HAMILTON (as long as her panel doesn't conflict with Heroes)! Good times, y'all!

omg shopping! Maybe they will have the Uhura figure that I didn't buy last year (so hot y'all, seriously. She is why I always sort of look sideways at the people who say there were never interesting women on ST:TOS. REALLY? Because Lt. Uhura rocked my world with her hotness and ubercompetence and hotness. ANYWAY.) and maybe I can convince [livejournal.com profile] fox1013 that she really DOES need puppet Angel.


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