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Thank you for loving me best.

Love and adoration,

P.S. Also, thank you for making [livejournal.com profile] fox1013 and I right. It is nice not to be betrayed by a show.

ETA: spoilery )
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holy *crap* there's a lot in that episode.

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I was totally gonna have stuff here about the Petrelli and their whole...weird thing. but I'm sleepy! [livejournal.com profile] fox1013, I want it noted for the record that I was totally right about Nathan having been a naval pilot. *wins* I was, however, wrong about Sylar being adopted. *loses* I still think it would have been FUCKING AWESOME if he'd been a Petrelli, though.
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Mostly because I am trying to decide how best to format an illustrated version of this. Possibly this will need to involve flow charts or an animation.

Please note, this is a *really rough* timeline because there are whole episodes in there that I ignore 'cause they don't matter right this second in establishing What Happened to get the timeline to "Five Years Gone."

Heroes, timeline A -- original timeline resulting in future!Hiro )

timeline B - the show as we know it )

Timeline C. C is for confusing! but not really! )

Good times, y'all. I heart time travel! I am working on the illustrated version of all this, complete with actual dates and stuff, but that needs me to have more time than I currently do so I can watch the series through again.

footnotes! which are possibly longer than the post! )
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Getting back into the swing of things is difficult. Baby steps. *Shallow* baby steps. And it's really not that I stopped being fannish over the timeout so much as it was that I reevaluated much of a) how I respond to fannish texts and b) how I respond to fandom in general. That is, possibly, a post for another time. But I will say that things have changed. A little. Maybe.

I digress.

Y'all, Patrick Stump is smart, talented, and hot like a girl[1]. He is, in fact, hot enough that I am considering going to a Fall Out Boy concert at the Pond in May. I'm 27 years old. As fun and awesome as I find their music, I fear going to a concert full of over enthusiastic emo teenies. This is why [livejournal.com profile] annavtree needs to be west side (*gang sign*). Also because she is evil and worked her evil wiles. And also because she is adorable and awesome. Whatever. I got her with Supes, she got me with Patrick Stump. I consider it a fair trade.

More on the subject of Patrick Stump And How He is Incredibly Hot:
mimesere: curse you! *fist of fury*
bballespresso: what?
bballespresso: what did I do?
bballespresso: besides pimp you into this fandom to begin with?
mimesere: that!
mimesere: that is what you did!
bballespresso: it's not my fault patrick is a lesbian
mimesere: it *is*
mimesere: *blames you irrationally for patrick's dykeyness*
bballespresso: hahahaha
mimesere: mmmmm drumming
bballespresso: it's kinda awesome isn't it?
mimesere: ...
mimesere: patrick needs to do me right now. or sing. or both.
bballespresso: he can just sing for me
mimesere: awwww, shirtless andy!
bballespresso: I don't want to sleep with lesbians

and then:

bballespresso: god, he is so gay
bballespresso: he's singing showtunes!
mimesere: my sekrit lesbian girlfriend?
bballespresso: yes
mimesere: yay!
bballespresso: your sekrit lesbian girlfriend is gay
bballespresso: and by gay I mean he likes boys
mimesere: except for how he is sekritly a lesbian!

Other boys I currently love like burning include:
-Roy Harper (not a lesbian). Because seriously. How awesome is Roy? His immediate response to Hawkgirl, complete with mace, is: "Pretty bird." I believe he should immediately have sex with Zinda (cracktastical OTP represent!), Dinah, Kendra!Hawkgirl (if he won't be horribly killed by Carter), Donna, and Wondy. I *really* think he should have immediate hot sexin' with Wondy. As it would be mutually fun. Someone who is not me -- like, say, [livejournal.com profile] juleskicks or [livejournal.com profile] pearl_o -- should write that. Because seriously. Wondy + Roy. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?

-Nathan Petrelli (also not a lesbian). Um. Um. COULD HE BE MORE MY CRACK? I do not think that he could. I loved him before (no, really?), but the latest run of eps on Heroes made that love grow exponentially with like, every second he was on my screen. Oh, Nathan. *hearts* [2]

-Ryan Dunn (not a lesbian, but totally gay. [livejournal.com profile] thelionforreal has convinced me of How Out He Is). Hah. Bet you thought I'd gotten over that, what with Dunn TRAGICALLY NOT BEING IN UNHOLY UNION. But no. Because this week's ep, with its two seconds of SHEER OTP AWESOME, was wonderful. Also, he will be in next week. Yay Dunn! I believe utterly that he and Bam have broken up (amicably) and that Dunn and Knoxville are currently hittin' it like gangbusters.

-Mike Celucci (still not a lesbian, but awesome nonetheless). Um. Yeah. He's a bitchy stoic cop! Also, he has the incredibly good taste to want to hit it with Vicki Nelson, who is a bitchy, stoic, former cop turned detective! Oh, wacky canadian supernatural beastie fighting cops. Hopefully, Mike will follow the book trajectory and become so awesome I could die.

Anyway. Music!
Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
If I Ever Fall In Love (a capella) - Shai
Myxomatosis (Judge, Jury, & Executioner) - Radiohead
Each Day Gets Better - John Legend
Showbiz - Muse
Earth Angel - Death Cab for Cutie
Roxanne - Fall Out Boy
Everyday Girl - DJ Rap

[1] Which is, at least for me, different that being hot like a boy. Hot boys I look at and not want to do them. Hot *girls* I look at and go, "DO ME DO ME DO ME." This is possibly TMI, but there you go. Hot as I find Ryan Dunn? I don't want him to do me. Jaime Ray Newman can have me any which way she wants. Patrick Stump is hot like a girl. Hot hot hot.

[2] There is something, I think, to be said about Nathan and Hiro and why they, separately and especially together, ping my buttons hard. But that can wait for whenever I get around to talking about Sheila's Pairing Dynamics and You - A Rough Guide to Pimping. Because...seriously, y'all. I'm so easy it's not even funny.

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whoosh! )

I use my Peter icon until I can come up with a Nathan icon I love.
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man, you know you're gone on a show when the previouslies make you squeal like a teenie.
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Has anyone figured out the flash animation at the official Heroes site?

Like, duh, you click on the billboard that says "9th Wonders" and it'll take you to the 9th Wonders website. But what about that little "M" next to Peter? All I get is a black screen that says "Reflections on the future -- New York City" (which is *grim* if that's all it does). The "Vote for Petrelli" billboard makes everything go darker. And the camera doohickey over Simone's head doesn't seem to do *anything*. The "Visit Las Vegas" sign does do something (which is mostly just show the IM windows between Niki and Ando).

So, I am curious. Do they do anything and I just have spectacularly bad luck or do they do nothing except be annoying and not cool at all?

heroes 1x11

Dec. 4th, 2006 10:10 pm
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I am just going to c/p portions of the AIM conversation I had while watching:

Fallout )

And really, I think that pretty much covers my ep reaction. And can I just say? Major kudos to the writers of Heroes for making me *fall in love* with Peter. It is not often that I will do a reversal on a character like that, but *damn*.
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You know, every time I think that I have reached the limit of love I can have for this show, I discover that I was wrong and that I can love the show exponentially more with every episode.
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I. I loved *everyone*. Everyone!
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My god, Hiro and Nathan could absolutely not be more adorable.

Also, I could watch Nathan fly for *days*.

ETA: I knew they were stretching out the time on the show, but I hadn't realized that only four days elapse between 1x02 and the end of 1x05. As near as I can tell, 1x08 takes place about 5 days after 1x05. Actually, yeah. The events of 1x08 take place on October 12. So, somewhere in the vicinity of 9 days have taken place in the main series timeline so far. Interesting.

And unlike other people -- who shall hereinafter be referred to as Rob Thomas -- the writers of Heroes clearly have gone to high school before, as they remember that Homecoming takes place in October.

ETA2: It is impressive the things you learn from freeze frame. Like about Nathan. *heart*

ETA3: It is sad how much faith I have in Heroes to not pull a VMars on me.

ETA4: OMG HEART! I *love* how this show is being all ridiculously multimedia. Between the show (main action), comics (missing scenes and backstory), artwork (foreshadowing), and Hiro's blog (I love you, Heroes! I LOVE YOU LIKE YOU ARE CAKE AND IT IS MY BIRTHDAY ...eeeeee *spoilers for 1x08* blog! eeee!), they are just nailing things across the board. And um, yeah, if you have not seen 1x08, don't go to the blog. EEEE HEROES!

Save the cheerleader! Save the world!

*cough* It makes me happy. As did um, inching through the preview for tomorrow night.
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as I don't know entirely how to classify the comics that accompany the eps. But if you are watching the show but not reading the comics? I suggest reading them as they really *do* give backstory and tie in to the show and because it doesn't look like, given the previous four issues, that they will actually be...shown on screen. I don't know how to say it. You don't need to read them to get the plot (obviously), but they fill in little moments and things make more sense in retrospect. And um, you know, they make you love the characters *even more*.

But I just want to say, with regards to #5:


#1 - Mohinder
#2 - Hiro
#3 - Nathan
#4 - Claire
#5 - DL
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you know, I think Isaac has finally reached icon status. Go team Isaac! I am still iffy on the Milo. But all that will have to wait until I have finished downloading the episode and can watch it again.
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I could not love you more, Heroes! Really truly I could not! OMG NATHAN! CLAIRE! NIKI! DL! OMG OMG OMG.
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  • Out of the ten credited cast members we've met so far, half of them are of color. Once you add in Leonard Roberts, that puts the credited cast member number at 11 with 6 being of color.

  • The background characters are largely of color.

  • It's not just black and white. Dude, I can't begin to tell you how much I love this. Seriously.

  • Yes, it is a boy-heavy cast. I do not deny that. But the women who are there? For the large part are more dynamic, have more agency, and are flat out scarier than any of the guys. And neither Claire nor Niki's storyline is an adjunct to a male storyline. Frankly, when DL finally shows up, it wouldn't really surprise me to see that his storyline is secondary to Niki's.

  • I love that Heroes is a Marvel story with DC sensibilities and a dash of Vertigo for the truly fucked uppedness.

  • It *looks* like a comic book. It sounds like a comic book. The whole thing is *structured* like a comic book.

  • It's taking its time. I can see every step the characters are taking on whatever road they are on and those steps make sense given who they are and what they want.

    (as an aside, these last two things are a large part of why I love Superman Returns with the fire of a thousand exploding kryptonian sons.)

  • It's not relentlessly grim.

    more later, after a Costco and BN run.
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    Matt Parkman )

    Hiro and Ando )

    Niki and Micah )

    Claire )

    Isaac, Simone, and Peter )

    Nathan )

    Mohinder! )

    Re: Dr Who -- are there seriously people who don't like Mme. de Pompadour? She is awesome.


    Oct. 17th, 2006 11:52 pm
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    I need the Muslims from the Comic Con version of the first two chapters of Heroes! Woe!

    No, I am not vidding instead of doing something productive. Really.

    The downside of having seen Heroes at Comic Con is that I am somewhat confused by what is and is not canon anymore. Like the hand cutting off. Not canon? Will be canon? CUT OFF YOUR HAND, ISAAC! And the Muslim dudes! I want them back! Will they be back? I doubt they will be back. Sad! They were *awesome*. Also, I need them! At least microwave hand guy!

    I need to do a post about 1x04 "Collision" (and how seriously fucked up was that title background?), but right now I am still all WHEE over it and not terribly coherent.

    And I have not quite decided if Isaac gets an icon yet.

    In conclusion: HEROES!

    ETA: OMG, [livejournal.com profile] latxcvi, Hiro's grandfather got Hiro started on the path of hero-dom with Action Comics #1. *flail*
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    No, seriously.

    Hi, Heroes, hi, hi, I love you. I want to have your geeky little babies.

    Heroes makes me want to write fic and to vid and to do squeetastic not-meta and to call people randomly and be like, "OMG I LOVE HEROES HI" and in general, there is just the heady feeling of being deep in fannish love. I love every character more with every episode and I want them all to save the world and be awesome and live together and be even *more* awesome and I want to hug them and squeeze them and love them and call them my squishy.

    I even like the creepy conspiracy guy!

    And yo, Mohinder's superpower is clearly his INCREDIBLE HOTNESS. My *god*.
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    Are you watching Heroes?

    If not, too bad for you. You are missing out on an hour of awesome plus free comics every week.


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