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my goodness, Norrington is hot. And I know, I know, I say it ALL THE TIME. But he is.

Also, apparently I passionately despise a good hour of DMC, passionately love about 30-45 minutes, and can't be buggered to actually have feelings about the rest. Well done, Team PotC! If this trend continues, there will be no part of AWE that I will enjoy if it doesn't have Norrington and a part of AWE that *has* Norrington which I'm pretty goddamn sure I'll hate like Superman hates Nazis. And it's not like I'm seeing AWE a) opening weekend or b) without [livejournal.com profile] annavtree vetting it for Will This Movie Make SHEILA SMASH? which answer, sadly, I fear will be yes.

But this post has nothing to do with that. This post is all about going, "Sweet fancy moses, Norrington is a hotass mofo." Which he is. Especially when he looks like he's about to fuck some shit up hardcore. I heart my pissed off, bitchy, disheveled former-commodore.

No, really. I know I wrote the big long Woohoo Norrington Movie post about why I love him, but I was thinking about it more this weekend and part of it is because I feel vindicated in the fucked up shit I put him through for Verona Beach-iness, which, okay, had a *hell* of a lot to do with essentially making Norrington into Philip (Kit) Marlowe, Elizabethan spy and detective. Shut up, it's fucking Verona Beach. Cracktacular is the name of that particularly decadent and violent game. Oh, Verona Beach. Still the setting o' my heart. Anyway! Norrington! Hotass mofo. That is all.

Hot, hot, and in conclusion: hot.


dear T&T

Dec. 13th, 2006 07:38 am
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From http://www.scifi.com/sfw/news/:

Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott, who co-wrote the screenplays for all three Pirates of the Caribbean films, told SCI FI Wire that they were bothered by the critical lashing of the second film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest—not because the reviews were negative, but because they were poorly written. "The thing that you really want are reviews that are critical,that are analytical, eloquent, insightful and actually help elevate the understanding of the movie," Rossio said in an interview promoting the release of the film on DVD Dec. 5. "A lot of times critical reviews aresort of disconnected from the actual movie, and that's not really interesting or helpful."

Elliott added that he values creative criticism, but hasn't seen much of that in the press. "The one that always bothered me is that three-paragraph-long extended metaphor where you're comparing the movie to something that happened to you at Disneyland," he said. "That's not telling the filmmakers anything about the craft. Terry and I have debates about this, but I actually genuinely feel that there is dialogue between the critic and the artist—and I'm using artist here to mean somebody who works in the art realm; we're not making claims of any sort—and there are reviewers outthere, there are critics out there, who do that. But for the most part, I mean, the level of film criticism right now, I think, is incredibly poor."

You know why the reviews of the movie sucked? BECAUSE THE MOVIE SUCKED. There. Which one of you lives in my town? I will hunt you down and explain in exacting detail what the criticisms of the movie were.

The criticism wasn't good enough? Seriously? THAT'S your witty riposte defending your movie? THE CRITICS JUST DIDN'T GET IT? SERIOUSLY? They didn't discuss the existentialist aspects of the movie *because you failed at depicting them*.

What the fuck?

No love at all,

P.S. The link includes T&T talking about the end of AWE which doesn't spoil AWE terribly much, but which does spoil DMC if you haven't seen it.
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man, PotC fandom, you are *making me want to see DMC again* just so I can do picspam commentary to defend the Norrington movie, because I don't *like* DMC? But I think that the Norrington movie kicked unholy amounts of ass. DON'T MAKE ME WATCH RACISM ISLAND AGAIN! That is just mean!

I'm just putting it out there on the record. I like CotBP better as a movie, but I do not think that DMC!Norrington is repugnant[1].

I don't really want to watch DMC again and I don't really want to post about DMC again, but...I feel challenged now. *Dammit*. Because dude, I *love* DMC!Norrington. I love him like the Captain loves Tenille. And now I feel like I have to re-justify that. Grar.

[1] Sorry, use of that word is raising my hackles.
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No deleted scenes on the DMC 2-disc?

...well, that's $20 I won't be spending. I loved the Norrington movie, but I didn't love it enough to spend essentially $1/minute.

potc: awe

Dec. 3rd, 2006 08:55 pm
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dude, why am suddenly *dead certain* that PotC: AWE is going to drive me batshit insane? And not in a good way. Like, I can support morally ambiguous!Norrington and I can work my way past Racism Island, but I have this awful feeling in my stomach about AWE. It just...it looks like it is going to be the Jack and Elizabeth Are More Special Than Everyone Else Because They Are Pirates Yay! show and mostly that means it will be 2+ hours of watching people have no ethics and be selfish fucks[1]. While exoticizing eastern Asia. Yeah, no.

I'm totally spamming today. I'm sorry.

[1] Yeah, I still haven't been convinced that Jack wouldn't have sold 100 people into slavery to keep his own sketchy ass free and Elizabeth...well. We all know how I feel about her.
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(...I think so, Brain, but burlap chafes me so.)

Leatherwing and PotC. Do I want to indulge the part of me that is all, "AHAHAHA BRUCE/NORRINGTON = WIN!" or do I indulge the small, secret part of me that goes, "You know who Norrington would love? I mean, *really* love? Babs." Because he *would*.
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by how well Leatherwing and PotC fit together.


ETA: ...sometimes I am dumb. I am not going to say on which page it finally hit me that Alfredo = Alfred. Let's just say it wasn't page 1. *facepalm*

ETA2: Wow, Bruce, John, and Diana are SUPER HOT as cowboys. Cranky, snarky cowboys.

Oh, this can go noplace good.

ETA3: AHAHAHAHA. Twangy JLU theme!

ETA4: I totally identified Batmanuel (Nestor Carbonell) as not!Zorro, but somehow I did not identify Ben Browder as Bat Lash.
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So, I have not had this many porny plot ideas since like, they heyday of Wes/Gunn. And this is tragic because I am terrible at porn. *Terrible*. I can't even write vanilla porn convincingly (or without hysterical laughter) and is that what I'm coming up with? No. No. I am coming up with *kinky* porn. Porn with substitutes and porn with power dynamics (oh my *god*, the power dynamics) and threesomes and did I *mention* the power dynamics? Like, I'm just sitting here and going, "Dude. Norrington. That's...kind of perverse, boo. Hot. But perverse."

Also bitterly, mockingly, self-destructive like whoa. Oh, *Norrington*. I love you so!

And um, yo. If anyone has a scan of Batman + giant fuckoff battle axe from the Batman/Superman: Supergirl graphic novel and could, um, link me to it? That would be awesome. As Batman/Giant Fuckoff Battleaxe may, in fact, be kind of an OTP for me.

mimesere: seriously! He carries a giant fuckoff battleaxe!
mimesere: and hits people with it
mimesere: ...clearly, I just have a thing for Batman hitting people with sticks.
mimesere: sometimes those sticks have heavy pointy metal objects of death on them.
rockstarfoxlet: I think you ave a thing for ANYONE hitting people with sticks.
rockstarfoxlet: Just imagine Batman and Ronon teaming up
mimesere: okay, that is a good point
mimesere: OH MY GOD
rockstarfoxlet: *hides*
mimesere: no no. Batman and *Teyla*
rockstarfoxlet: ohhhhhhhh.
rockstarfoxlet: well, that's pretty.
mimesere: they would be wry and understate things a lot!
mimesere: and Ronon would just think that it was the hottest thing he'd ever seen

you know?

Aug. 9th, 2006 11:17 am
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I totally want to see Superman Returns again.

Also, I think I have now watched the DMC vid so much I can no longer tell if it is any good. Woe. Stupid timing.

And in conclusion: Claaaaaark!

ETA: ...I think I'm going to go buy Superman: The Animated Series now. Weak! I am SO WEAK!


ETA3: Superman dresses up as and pretends to be Batman? *Seriously*?
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Dear Norrington,

How is it possible that you are so hot?

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'Cause people asked. This is the stuff I had memoried and I am way too lazy to go back right now and find everything else. Anyway. It's very memory lane-esque:

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12/22/03 - http://mimesere.livejournal.com/256796.html - Sparrington and Why It Is Teh Hot. And logistically problematic.
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05/02/04 - http://mimesere.livejournal.com/342950.html - BP picspam + commentary, part 1
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02/03/05 - http://mimesere.livejournal.com/425962.html - I have never in my *life* been so glad to be wrong.
02/07/05 - http://mimesere.livejournal.com/426810.html - "He's a blacksmith." "No, he's a pirate." Aaaaaaagh with the rage.
02/11/05 - http://mimesere.livejournal.com/428062.html - A thing to love about the sparrington and a review of especially hot Norrington sequences.
02/12/05 - http://mimesere.livejournal.com/428304.html - Is Jack Sparrow a hero?


Oh, my sad inability to finish any story. Woe.

12/01/03 - http://mimesere.livejournal.com/243861.html - Norrington meets Gillette
12/14/03 - http://mimesere.livejournal.com/252177.html - Immortal sparrington. Well, it still makes *me* laugh.
01/02/04 - http://mimesere.livejournal.com/262463.html - Ghost ship!
01/03/04 - http://mimesere.livejournal.com/264382.html - More from the ghost ship.
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11/08/04 - http://mimesere.livejournal.com/401319.html - Jack and Norrington, kisstag.
11/21/04 - http://mimesere.livejournal.com/404557.html - Jack and Norrington, more kisstag.
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This has been a very Superman-eriffic week. I read Kingdom Come, which negated my need to write that story (except yo, Wonder Woman done lost her *goddamn mind*) and I have to say that um. not!Superman, the other one with the lightning bolt who goes "Shazam!" and then there is lightning? Alternately annoyed the piss out of me and made me cry. As did um. um. oh fuck, like I can remember their names.

I don't know. I liked it. The art was pretty and the story was very much something that felt right to me and, you know, Superman was all sad and conflicted and whatnot and that is...everything.

Let's see, and then I read The Death of Superman, Funeral for a Friend, and Trinity. The first two were um. well. Ultimately pointless -- much like reading the original Dark Phoenix saga if you came in to X-team fandom after it was all resolved -- and the artwork just put me off, but I liked Trinity quite a lot. It was especially interesting coming on the heels of reading Kingdom Come and I find that while I love and adore movie incarnations of Batman (Michael Keaton and Christian Bale) and Batman from his animated series and Batman when he's chilling with Superman and Wonder Woman, I mostly find him irritating in his own comic. But you know, that doesn't especially surprise me. Batman/Bruce Wayne in Kingdom Come was just...really incidental and kind of dull to me in the story itself, though I did like spoiler ).

But yes. I was talking with [livejournal.com profile] glossing a while back about my sketchy and mostly non-existent relationship with the DCU (yeah, me + DCU comics = big no) and I was telling her that I like Batman best not when he's being all Uncle Creepy Badtouch with whatever Robin you choose (lord,I cannot express my complete and *utter* lack of caring for that dynamic which I hesitated to state here 'cause I know some of y'all are totally hardcore about it, but yeah) but when he's being that guy who can't stand for people to die, not when he could prevent it.

Anyway, that's totally a digression about Batman in what is really a post about Superman, 'cause um. Then I spent one evening leafing through the Superman Returns visual guide to the movie while I was on the phone with [livejournal.com profile] latxcvi and I can tell you right now that given the stuff in that book (as well as the stuff [livejournal.com profile] latxcvi was telling me from the novelization) there's not a single chance that I'm going to be remotely sane about that movie. It's like Bryan Singer took every single thing I love about all of my best beloved characters, tossed in a heaping dose of my personal bulletproof (pun only somewhat intentional) story kinks, and then wrapped it all up with a bow of prettiness.

Am I looking forward to PotC 2? Of course I am; it's *Norrington*.

Do I absolutely and sincerely hope that Superman Return kicks PotC 2's ass at the box office? Oh, you better believe I do. From everything that I have read (or had read to me) and seen, there's no one in SR that I'm *not* going to like. With the possible exception of Spacey's Lex Luthor, but I'm supposed to dislike him and he looks fascinating *anyway*. It's an entire movie filled with good people! Good people who do good things and who are not dicks and who are strong and vulnerable and sometimes bitchy and mostly just awesome. Bless, but PotC 2 doesn't stand a *chance* with me. It might if it were the All Norrington All The Time movie and I'm excited like burning that he's a) significant and b) got a story arc and c) is, you know, *Norrington*, but a movie that focuses on the anti-hero is going to lose to a movie that focuses on a hero and I am honest enough to admit that. I am totally and completely biased, but then, I don't actually expect any of this to be a surprise to anyone who reads this journal.

I bought Superman and Superman II; I bought a cd of John Williams and the Boston Pops (he's a hack! He's *such* a hack, my god. I was listening to the suite from The Cowboys or whatever that movie is called and going, "Oh my *god*, John Williams, you didn't even bother to change the melodic line you stole wholesale from Appalachian Spring! You and the flannel-wearing cracker deserve each other!") and it reminded me of all these movie moments I love (the march from Superman, the Princess Leia theme and the opening titles from Star Wars, etc) like when you see the dinosaurs for the first time in Jurassic Park or the first time you see Darth Vader (*shakes fist at George Lucas* How dare you make one of the most iconic villains of all time into a guy that tries and fails to do the anguished "NOOOOO!" and flails around like a goober? Hack. Hack! I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul!).

Um. Dude, I totally lost my train of thought. And honestly, the flannel wearing cracker and John Williams may both be hacks (seriously! stole many a melody from Appalachian Spring! Or Rite of Spring!), but I do not deny that they are brilliant.

But yes, Superman. Superman deserves a post of his own, but I want to say that I am excited as hell that this movie is coming out and that it looks to have that same heart and power of the original movie.

I am totally babbling and I don't care. I want to write fic. I want to dork around a lot. I want to write meta about characters and meta about goodness and heroism, I want to write a post about how all sorts of things should work for me and inexplicably don't, and just...stuff. I don't know. I am tired and flaily and giddy and I bought new shoes and some t-shirts.

St Elsewhere by Gnarls Barkley is an awesome, awesome cd. I am enjoying the hell out of it. Also? Maynard is a sick freak and I love him.

That is all. Thank you and drive through.
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I've been trying to vid LotR as something of a break from dealing with Cylons and Presidents and Metaphors, oh my, but *man*, I can't do it. I cannot, in good conscience, vid the Sons of Gondor to "Overcome."

It's actually too much melodrama. It's whingy and overwrought and wanky like burning (in a way that isn't also hellaciously funny). It's actually more self-indulgent than the Norrington "Hallelujah" vid (which, don't get me wrong, I love a lot because it's my baby and it accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish and it's Norrington and Rufus Wainwright *and* I got to make myself giggle with the incestuous nature of the song choice) and I am so, so ashamed.

The Rohirrim? Easy. They rock hard and they rock long and they ROCK THE FUCK ON! They're here to chew bubblegum and kick some ass and darlings, they are all out of bubblegum. Rock songs. With like, crazy mad guitar solos on the edges of dramatic cliffs with swooping crane shots and suchlike and yeah, sure, whatever, they have that Anglo-Saxon wacky melancholy note under the ROCKING THE FUCK ON but mostly there is rocking. And kicking ass.

Why yes, I have in fact been listening to Bon Jovi and GNR and CCR and it makes me sad that I can't associate Gondor with rocking quite that hard.

Oh, now I feel the need to watch all the Rohan bits of TTT and RotK.

ETA: I provisionally retract what I have said. I think Alice in Chains might work for Boromir! Woo!
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whoa, that's a lot of acronyms.

Anyway. I believe the proper phrase for it is: "I'll be in my bunk."

The OTT-ness in the tavern! That voice! That lethal, lethal dignity!
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vague vague vague spoilers )

ETA: AHAHAHAHAHA. Elizabeth is lecturing Jack on doing the right thing.


And no, if it's in a trailer, I'm not cutting it for spoilers. It's the *trailer*.
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why on *earth* are the shots of Norrington as he says "The very best of luck to you both" like a completely different size from the rest of that scene (and the movie!)?

WTF, PotC editors. W. T. F.


Mar. 31st, 2006 08:34 pm
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with thanks to [livejournal.com profile] claireweasley

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] andrealyn points out: KEYS.



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